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Wendell is a blue walrus and a wandering artist.

Birthday: February 25th (Pisces).

"Anything is delicious to a hungry belly."


  • rice balls
  • Wendell's pic


  • Hypno K.K.


  • paper parasol

Meeting WendellEdit

Oh, huh-hello. You caught me right before I could get a little snack. Suh-soooo hungry… This is Wendell, buh-by the way. Are you calling about my house? Yeah, I have caller ID. I think it's sort of wuh-weird that most villagers around here don't use it. Oh well. Suh-so, if you want to talk to me about my house, I'd better come talk fuh-face-to-face. See you soon.

Huh-hello again! I'm Wendell. I don't believe I got your name yet. Oh, [player]? Lovely. Oh! I almost forgot! I huh-have a problem with my house. It's pretty bad, all right. This is embarrassing, but I made the mistake of puh-putting up wallpaper with fish patterns on it. I know it doesn't sound that bad, but when my stomach starts to get hungry, well, thuh-things happen. Basically, my current home now has too many holes in the walls. So I need a new house. Can you help?


  • "I wandered for so long that it still feels weird to have a place to suh-settle down at night. I much prefer it to falling asleep on beaches, like a friend of mine does."
  • "I enjoy my home, but I'm tempted to chuh-change the wallpaper every time I see it. Some days being a starving artist is hard."
  • "Do you like my room? I don't have a lot of guests, so it can be hard to predict reactions. I think, overall, folks like my room. My fish deliverer seems to like it well enough, anyway."
  • "I find some of my guh-greatest inspiration comes from when I'm outside. So many things are just begging to buh-become a wallpaper design!"
  • "I luh-love my yard. It helps me relax when my brain is working too fast for my mouth to keep up. Ahhhhhhhhh… There. I am centered."
  • "I love the outdoors. I think the only downside is that there isn't a fridge out here. We wuh-walruses need quick access to fridges, both to cool down and for sustenance."
  • "Have you ever tried designing wallpaper? It's true that there's an artist in us all. What's NOT true is that you n-need to be hungry to be a good artist. Whoever tells you that is WRONG."
  • "Sometimes I start to think about new designs I could wuh-work on, and I guh-get suh-so excited that I— Well, I duh-do thuh-that. I can't huh-help it! Designing muh-makes me guh-giddy!"
  • "When I'm hungry, it can become huh-hard not to make every design I draw something food related. So always do art on a full stomach. You don't have any snacks on you, do you? I didn't think so. Worth a shot."

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