Image Name Unlocked by
hollyHamphrey, Eunice, Bianca
pink azalea
white azaleaRobin, Beau, Walt
blue hydrangea
pink hydrangeaLily, Blanche
red hibiscusBubbles, Marina, O'Hare
yellow hibiscusMac, Bud, Peggy
sweet oliveCoach, Alli, Ruby
shrub *
small tree *
small pine tree
pine tree
small palm tree
palm tree
coconut treeDel
banana treeYuka, Simon, Monty
apple tree
orange tree
peach tree
cherry tree
pear tree
persimmon treePeck, Kabuki, Beau
lemon treeVictoria
durian treeHarry, Rod, O'Hare
perfect apple treeDora
perfect orange treeDora
perfect peach treeDora
perfect cherry treeDora
perfect pear treeDora
mango treeSoleil, Rory
lychee treeCheri, Margie
decorated tree *Daisy, Bunnie, Curlos
pine tree stump *Charlise
small bambooChester, Annalisa, Gladys
bambooChester, Annalisa, Gladys
bamboo stumpChester, Annalisa, Gladys
palm tree stumpDel
withered tree *Genji, Charlise, Tammy
red tulip
white tulip
yellow tulip
pink tulipBob, Puddles, Marcie
purple tulipAurora, Tammy, Sylvia
black tulipClay, Hamphrey, Roscoe, Blaire
orange tulip
white pansy
yellow pansy
red pansy
purple pansyBob, Opal, Aurora
orange pansyAurora, Stitches, Pinky
blue pansyAurora, Kody, Pippy
white cosmos
red cosmosBob, Aurora, Nana
yellow cosmos
pink cosmosAurora, Violet, Renée
orange cosmosChadder, Felicity, Deirdre
black cosmosHamphrey, Genji, Nana
red rose
white rose
yellow rose
pink roseRosie, Cherry, Aurora
orange roseDizzy, Tia, Aurora
purple roseDiana, Gloria, Clay
black roseTiffany
blue roseGrizzly, Kody, Rhonda
gold roseOlaf, Elvis, Chops
red carnation
pink carnationKitty, Marcie, Aurora
white carnationKitty, Marcie, Aurora
white lily
yellow lily
red lilyPango, Nana, Sally
orange lilyNana, Aurora, Willow
pink lilyPango, Gayle, Flora
black lilyHamphrey, Genji, Tabby
purple violet
blue violetBob, Aurora, Rizzo
white violet
yellow violet
dandelion puff *
lily of the valleyLucky, Mint, Skye

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