Image Name Custom Mountable Unlocked by
toy hammer ×Truffles
merry-go-round×Marcie, Bones
wobbelinaMarcie, Astrid, Astrid
dollhouse×Puddles, Astrid, Doc, Muffy, Marcie, Lucy
boxed figurineShop, Sheldon, Puddles
dollyMarcie, Lucy, Astrid
clackercart××Carrie, Marcie
tricycle××Bones, Al
Rocking horse
rocking horse××Carrie, Papi, Marcie
Baby bear
baby bearMaple
Baby panda
baby panda×Pekoe, Pinky
Mama bear
mama bearShop, Maple
Mama polar bear
mama polar bearGoldie, Whitney, Maple
Mama panda
mama panda×Pekoe, Pinky
Papa bear
papa bear×Maple, Poppy
Papa panda
papa panda××Pekoe, Pinky
mini circuit××Sheldon, Doc
miniature car×Frobert
Train set
train set××Frank, Doc, Dizzy, Marcie
Snow globe
snow globe×Flurry, Bianca
Bottled ship
bottled ship×Del, Doc
Sailboat model
sailboat model×Frank, Del
painting set ×School, Merry, Wendell, Hippeux, Marcie, Skye
crayons×School, Astrid, Skye
Executive toy
executive toyMott, Peanut
pop-up book×Doc, Astrid, Bones
Water bird
water bird×Carrie, Bones, Dizzy
slide puzzleSheldon, Astrid
ringtoss×Bones, Astrid, Doc, Marcie
board game×Tank, Doc, Dizzy
foosball table××Shop, Sheldon, Jitters, Hamlet, Dizzy
jack-in-the-box××Stitches, Astrid
lovely phone××Flora, Sydney
toy cameraFlora, Rosie, Francine, Katie, Kidd
grass standee××Melba, Rodney, Butch, Sly
hedge standee××Melba, Rodney, Butch, Sly
tree standee××Melba, Rodney, Butch, Sly
mountain standee××Melba, Rodney, Butch, Sly
ten billion barrel×Sheldon, Doc
ultra scope××Sheldon, Mott
ultra hand××Sheldon, Mott
ultra machine×Sheldon, Al
love tester×Sheldon, Curly, Mott
giant Game Boy Claude
Virtual Boy×Sheldon, Bones, Curly
Wii Balance Board××Ricky, Sheldon, Curly, Miranda
New nintendo 3ds
New Nintendo 3DS Claude
New nintendo 3ds xl
New Nintendo 3DS XL Claude
Wii U console Claude
bunny r. balloon××Filbert, Zucker
bunny o. balloon××Filbert
bunny y. balloon××Victoria, Filbert, Ruby
bunny g. balloon××Melba, Filbert
bunny b. balloon××Jeremiah, Kody
bunny c. balloon××Chrissy, Melba, Francine, Filbert, Ruby
bunny p. balloon××Chrissy, Flora, Francine, Filbert, Ruby
bunny i. balloon××Filbert
red balloon××Filbert, Pietro
orange balloon××Filbert, Pietro, Zucker
yellow balloon××Victoria, Pietro, Filbert
green balloon××Filbert, Pietro
blue balloon××Jeremiah, Kody, Pietro
cyan balloon××Filbert, Pietro, Dizzy
pink balloon××Pietro, Flora, Filbert
indigo balloon××Filbert, Pietro
hedge standee××Filbert, Gayle
heart o. balloon××Melba, Gayle, Filbert
heart y. balloon××Victoria, Gayle, Filbert
heart g. balloon××Eloise, Gayle, Filbert
heart b. balloon××Kody, Gayle
heart c. balloon××Filbert, Gayle
heart p. balloon××Melba, Gayle, Flora, Filbert
heart i. balloon××Filbert, Gayle, Zucker

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