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Tommy is a young raccoon with a twin brother, Timmy. These twin brothers, from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game, operate the Nookling stores. Thanks to Tom Nook's teachings, they are just as talented as he is and run Nookling Junction with such success that it can expand several times. Despite their success, they never forget the core value of good customer service.

Birthday: June 7th (Gemini).

"Nothing succeeds like success."


Wallpaper & FlooringEdit





  • "Such lovely surroundings, yes? So spacious! I feel very much at home here, thanks to you. You truly captured the essence of Timmy and Tommy!"
  • "I am very happy with our lovely home, but sometimes I feel like something is missing… Sometimes Timmy goes out…and then he's missing. But then he comes back, and it's all fine! Oh ho!"
  • "Timmy suggested we create a chore wheel so that all household tasks get done in a timely manner. It seems to be working just fine…but I have reason to suspect he may have tampered with it! His spins always land on "Sweep the floor," while mine always land on "Take out the trash." No fair!"
  • "You have a very artistic eye, yes! I myself am more of a salesraccoon type, you see. It has been said that Timmy and I could sell a fishing rod to a football fish! Too true!"
  • "Whenever I feel sad, this room manages to cheer me right up. Happy day! You picked the right colors, [character name]. Yes, indeed!"
  • "Sometimes I think this house is too fancy for me and Timmy. We come from a humble background, yes! But then I look around and think we've worked hard to earn the right to live in such a palace!"
  • "Timmy insists I spend at least an hour each day out in the fresh air. Unfortunately, I think I may be allergic to fresh air! Achoo! Bless me!"
  • "The grass in this yard seems to grow verrrry slowwwwly… I spent several hours watching it yesterday, and it barely grew at all! So slow!"
  • "Timmy and I have taken to doing our morning stretches in the yard. Namaste!"


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