Image Name Custom Holds items Unlocked by
metal-and-wood table×Cafe, Kitty
Tea table
tea table×Cranston, Greta, Snake, Lily
Classic table
classic tableHotel, Pecan, Friga, Gabi
round-cloth tableRestaurant, Tia
Pave end table
pave end table×Portia
Lovely end table
lovely end tabledefault
sleek side tableBella, Roscoe, Kyle
Minimalist minitable
minimalist minitableLopez, Antonio
Exotic end table
exotic end tableCousteau, Pekoe, Deli
metal-rim tableCafe, Frita, Jacques, Carmen
square minitableCafe, Claudia
Modern end table
modern end tableRoscoe, Queenie
School desk
school desk×School, Velma
Minimalist table
minimalist tableLopez, Spork, Antonio
Natural low table
natural low tableGoldie, Annalise
Console table
console tableHotel, Olivia, Muffy, Alice
zen desk×School, Nibbles
Exotic table
exotic tableCousteau, Pekoe
zen low table×Restaurant, Hotel, Wart Jr, Blanche
Cabana table
cabana tableCole, Pekoe
Modern table
modern tableRoscoe, Queenie, Lopez, Eugene
pastel low tabledefault
Classic buffet
classic buffetHotel, Pecan, Friga
Cabin low table
cabin low tableCaroline, Papi, Erik
Glass-top table
glass-top table×Opal
Ringside table
ringside tableOffice, Lucha, Stinky, Bud
cafeteria tableCafe, Big Top, Violet, Croque, Bam
meeting-room tableOffice, Jambette, Sydney, Lolly
worktable×School, Mott
lecture-hall deskSchool, Velma
Ranch tea table
ranch tea tableCaroline, Pate
modern wood tableGoldie
wood-plank table×Restaurant, Erik, Robin, Snake
Regal table
regal tablePecan, Friga, Celia, Whitney
Lovely table
lovely tabledefault
mermaid table×Marina, Peggy
Princess table
princess table×Cookie, Amelia, Whitney
stripe tableLopez, Pippy
sleek tableRoscoe, Kyle
Gracie low table
gracie low table×Frobert, Gloria
alpine low tableWillow
Polka-dot low table
polka-dot low tableChrissy, Apple
Gorgeous table
gorgeous table×Tiffany, Pierce
rococo tablePashmina, Muffy
astro tableLopez
Gorgeous desk
gorgeous desk××Tiffany, Pierce
Checkout counter
checkout counter×Cafe, Shop
Green desk
green desk×Goldie
basic teacher's desk×School
Teachers desk
teacher's desk×School, Ozzie, Velma, Derwin
Office desk
office desk×Office
white office deskOffice, Molly, Graham,
Modern desk
modern deskRoscoe, Queenie
Gracie desk
gracie desk××Frobert
reception table××Department Store, Curt, Ed, Lionel
editor's desk××Office, Velma, Alice
Writing desk
writing desk××Nibbles, Velma
Science table
science table××School, Cobb, Velma
wooden counterSecond Shop, Department Store, Marshal, Claudia
Counter table
counter tableCafe, Croque
Gorgeous counter
gorgeous counter×Hotel, Annalise, Pierce,
reception counterHospital, Department Store, Gala
Large tea table
large tea table×Mitzi, Walt, Blanche, Hopper
Pine table
pine tableCafe, Goldie, Lyman, Peaches
Cabin table
cabin tableCaroline, Papi, Erik
large alpine tableWillow, Gloria
lazy-susan table××Restaurant, Cousteau
birthday table××Tia, Bonnie
Natural table
natural tableGoldie, Violet
Ranch table
ranch tableCaroline, Maple
table with clothRestaurant, Curlos, Ed
Green table
green tableGoldie, Eloise
Blue table
blue tableJeremiah, Kody
Harvest table
harvest table×Mallary, Gigi
Pave table
pave table×Portia
Kiddie table
kiddie tableStitches, Doc
Polka-dot table
polka-dot tableChrissy, Apple
sloppy tableHarry, Anicotti
kotatsuPurrl, Baroldf

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