Tabby Card
If I lived in a spooky hospital, I'd learn how to pretend I'm scared. It's Method acting!

Client's vision

An old, abandoned hospital.

Provided items

operating table, operating-room cart, CD player

Amiibo Card


Tabby is a peppy orange tabby cat.

Birthday: August 13th (Leo).

"You can never have too much of a good thing!"


  • black lilies

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • ramshackle wall
  • stone wall
  • ramshackle floor


  • operating table
  • CD player
  • scattered papers
  • black lilies
  • hospital screen
  • medicine
  • IV drip
  • washbasin
  • operating-room cart
  • skeleton
  • skeleton figurine
  • creepy skeleton
  • Tabby's pic


  • K.K. Dirge


  • bone shirt
  • mummy shirt
  • bone pants
  • mummy pants
  • skeleton hood
  • mummy mask

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