Image Name Custom Holds items Unlocked by
Clothes closet
clothes closet××default
Minimalist wardrobe
minimalist wardrobe×Lopez, Whitney
Regal armoire
regal armoire×Pecan, Friga, Celia
rolling closet××Margie, Antonio
Ranch wardrobe
ranch wardrobe×Caroline, Maple
Cabana wardrobe
cabana wardrobe×Cole, Pekoe
Cabin wardrobe
cabin wardrobe×Caroline, Papi
modern wood closet×Goldie
Green wardrobe
green wardrobe×Goldie, Eloise
Blue wardrobe
blue wardrobe×Jeremiah, Kody
alpine closet×Willow
Pave closet
pave closet××Portia
Exotic wardrobe
exotic wardrobe×Cousteau, Pekoe
Classic wardrobe
classic wardrobe×Hotel, Pecan, Friga
Gracie wardrobe
gracie wardrobe××Gloria, Frobert
rococo wardrobe×Muffy, Pashmina
Gorgeous closet
gorgeous closet××Tiffany
Modern wardrobe
modern wardrobe×Roscoe, Queenie
sleek closet×Roscoe, Kyle
Polka-dot closet
polka-dot closet×Chrissy, Apple
Kiddie bureau
kiddie bureau×Stitches, Doc
Kiddie wardrobe
kiddie wardrobe×Stitches, Doc
Lovely armoire
lovely armoire×default
stripe closet×Lopez, Pippy
mermaid closet××Marina, Peggy
Princess closet
princess closet××Cookie
Harvest bureau
harvest bureau××Mallary, Gigi
sloppy closet×Harry
astro closet×Lopez
Storage case
storage case××Goldie, Colton
Blue cabinet
blue cabinet×Jeremiah, Kody
Cabin dresser
cabin dresser×Caroline, Papi
sloppy dresser×Harry
rococo shelf×Muffy, Pashmina
astro shelf×Lopez, Mira
modern wood chest×Goldie
Paulownia closet
paulownia closet×Snake
Modern dresser
modern dresserDotty, Roscoe, Queenie
Exotic bureau
exotic bureau×Cousteau, Pekoe
Minimalist dresser
minimalist dresserLopez
Green dresser
green dresserGoldie
Blue bureau
blue bureauJeremiah, Kody
Ranch dresser
ranch dresserCaroline, Maple
alpine dresser×Willow, Gloria
Exotic chest
exotic chestCousteau, Pekoe
Cabana dresser
cabana dresserCole, Pekoe
Classic vanity
classic vanity×Hotel, Pecan, Friga
rococo dresserMuffy, Pashmina
Pave chest
pave chest×Portia
Gracie chest
gracie chest××Frobert
Gorgeous chest
gorgeous chest×Pashmina, Tiffany
Regal dresser
regal dresser×Pecan, Friga, Celia
Princess chest
princess chest××Cookie
stripe dresserLopez, Pippy
sleek dresser×Roscoe, Kyle
Kiddie dresser
kiddie dresserStitches, Doc
Lovely dresser
lovely dresserdefault
Harvest dresser
harvest dresser××Mallary, Becky, Gigi
mermaid dresser××Marina, Peggy
astro dresser×Lopez
Polka-dot dresser
polka-dot dresserChrissy, Apple
Stair dresser
stair dresser××Wart Jr, Snake
Ranch bookcase
ranch bookcase×Caroline, Ozzie, Maple
Kiddie bookcase
kiddie bookcase×Stitches, Doc
Blue bookcase
blue bookcaseJeremiah, Kody
Classic bookcase
classic bookcaseHotel, Pecan, Friga, Ozzie
Cabin bookcase
cabin bookcaseCaroline, Papi
Regal bookcase
regal bookcase×Pecan, Friga, Celia
large bookshelf××Goldie, Hazel, Blathers
large magazine rack××Goldie, Pate
Game shelf
game shelf×Puddles, Sheldon, Curly
Green pantry
green pantryGoldie
Ranch hutch
ranch hutch×Caroline, Maple
Classic desk
classic desk×Hotel, Pecan, Friga
alpine kitchen cart×Willow, Gloria
alpine shelf×Willow
Gracie shelf
gracie shelf××Frobert
Gracie wagon
gracie wagon××Frobert
serving cartRestaurant, Bluebear, Blaire, Drake, Claudia, Alice
Green counter
green counterCafe, Goldie
modern wood shelfGoldie
Cabana bookcase
cabana bookcase×Cole, Pekoe
stripe shelfLopez, Pippy
Modern cabinet
modern cabinetRoscoe, Queenie
sleek sideboardKyle, Roscoe
zen cupboard×Blanche, Walt, Snake
Pave bookshelf
pave bookshelf××Portia
mermaid shelf××Marina, Peggy, Puddles
Tea tansu
tea tansu××Blanche, Purrl, Snake
Princess curio
princess curio××Maelle, Cookie
Minimalist vanity
minimalist vanity×default
Princess dresser
princess dresser××Second Shop, Cookie
Harvest mirror
harvest mirror××Mallary, Kidd, Gigi
Pave bureau
pave bureau××Portia, Prince
Cabana vanity
cabana vanity×Second Shop, Cole, Pekoe
mermaid vanity××Marina, Peggy
Regal vanity
regal vanity×Second Shop, Pecan, Friga, Celia, Cherry
rococo vanity×Muffy, Pashmina
Lovely vanity
lovely vanity×default
record boxWendy
CD shelf××Rosie, Jacques, Pate, Gruff

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