I want my next house to have an outer-space theme!

Client's vision

An outer-space space.

Provided items

rocket, spherical radar

Amiibo Card


Sterling is a blue eagle with a silver helmet and a jock personality.

Birthday: December 11th (Sagittarius).

"Discretion is the better part of valor."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • sci-fi wall
  • lunar horizon
  • sci-fi floor
  • lunar surface
  • Earth rug


  • Spaceman Sam
  • rocket
  • space shuttle
  • space station
  • lunar lander
  • satellite
  • lunar rover
  • flying saucer
  • asteroid
  • moon
  • hologram machine
  • spherical radar
  • small space console
  • large space console
  • space console
  • crew member's seat
  • space captain's seat
  • captain's monitor
  • crew's monitor
  • Sterling's pic
  • wall-mounted monitor


  • K.K. March


  • space suit
  • scale-armor suit
  • amethyst tank
  • amethyst tee
  • nebula tee
  • beaded shirt
  • space pants
  • space helmet
  • star bopper
  • bulb bopper

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