Image Name Custom Mountable Unlocked by
ball School remodel, Renée, Bud, Jitters, Coach, Hamlet, Moose
Ball catcher
ball catcher×School remodel, Jitters, Al, Coach, Hamlet
Basketball hoop
basketball hoop××School remodel, Bertha, Renée, Moose, Deena
baseball set×School remodel, Al
tennis racketSchool remodel, Colton, Peewee
Tennis table
tennis table××Peewee
volleyball net××School remodel, Bud, Deena
soccer goal××School remodel, Jitters, Hamlet
green net××School remodel, Coach, Leonardo, Deena
scoreboard××School remodel, Bud, Coach, Moose, Deena
hurdle××School remodel, Coach, Deena
High-jump mat
high-jump mat××School remodel, Al, Coach
Golf bag
golf bag×Sparro, Colton, Tom Nook
Ball return
ball return××Jay, Hopper
Bowling pins
bowling pins××Jay, Hopper
skateboard rack×Frita, Al, Peewee, Chief, Dizzy, Peanut
Life ring
life ring×Del, Deena, O'Hare
surfboard×O'Hare, Colton, Sparro, Pippy
Diver dan
Diver Dan××Angus, Peggy
curling stonePuck
ski rack××Hans
slalom gate×Hans, Iggy
sleigh××Hans, Fang, Bianca, Daisy
bobsled××Hans, Iggy
snowmobile××Hans, Iggy, Bianca
lift chair××Hans, Iggy
Judges bell
judge's bell×Lucha, Stinky, Rooney
Boxing barricade
boxing barricade××Lucha, Stinky, Broffina, Jay
Red corner
red corner××Lucha, Stinky, Rooney
Blue corner
blue corner××Lucha, Stinky, Rooney, Agent S
Neutral corner
neutral corner××Lucha, Stinky, Rooney
Speed bag
speed bag××Rooney, Agent S, Kody, Stinky, Tom
sandbag××Rooney, Octavian, Stinky
butterfly machine××Peewee, Pierce
lat pulldown machine××Peewee, Pierce
exercise bike××Peewee, Pierce
treadmill××Peewee, Pierce, Tom, Miranda
barbell××Peewee, Pierce
Weight bench
weight bench××Peewee, Pierce
exercise ball×Puddle, Coach, Miranda
balance beam××School remodel, Kody, Butch, Al
Boxing mat
boxing mat×School remodel, Stinky
Vaulting horse
vaulting horse××School remodel, Al, Coach, Deena

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