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Shrunk is a pink axolotl. He works as a comedian with the stage name "Dr. Shrunk," but his jokes are terribly corny and rarely go over well with his audience.

Birthday: January 2nd (Capricorn).


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  • Dr. Shrunk's jacket


  • "One time my wife came into the room and asked why the door was ajar. I told her, "It still looks like a door to me!" ...There's a reason she's never around for you to meet her."
  • "Time for a joke! Get ready, get set, because Dr. Shrunk is bringing the funny with this one! How is a peach like a didatctic poem written in three-quarters iambic pentameter with a hint of anapest? I don't know, but King Francis XIII sure seemed to hate them! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes. What? You didn't get it? I guess you just had to be there."
  • "Comedy can be a brutal career. Want my advice? Don't go into a career in comedy. Well, unless you're funny, I guess. Then a career in comedy is probably a good option. So my advice is, don't do what Dr. Shrunk has done. That advice will get you far in all aspects of life."
  • "I'm a big fan of this room, which means this room has infinitely more fans than my comedy routine. I'm not sure if that's a joke or it's just horribly depressing. Probably both."
  • "OK, I've got a really great joke for you. You've got to hear it! Why didn't the farmer ride a horse? Because he rhododendron! You know that one's good because I learned it from my wife."
  • "OK, I've got a really good joke for you. Ready? What did the cake say to the pie? No, wait. I meant that the pie is talking to the cake. Or... was it a cupcake talking to a pastry...? Anyway, the punch line is "Serves you right." It's, uh, a really good joke if told correctly."
  • "Ah, gimme that fresh air! Gimme that free feeling of being outside! Gimme 10,000 Bells! ...Heh. Can't blame me for trying, can you?"
  • "What do you think of my yard? Pretty snazzy, huh? A man's yard is a window to his soul. Or wait. Was that a man's bathroom...? Uh, I'll have to get back to you on this."


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