I want to be surrounded by flowers that never wilt!

Client's vision

A bed of nonwilting flowers

Provided items

lily record player, lily lamp, azalea stool

Amiibo Card


Shari is an uchi gray monkey.

Birthday: April 10th (Aries).

"A good start leads to a good end."

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • mod wall
  • flower pop wall
  • butterfly wall
  • arched brick floor

Furniture Edit

  • flashy flower sign
  • azalea stool
  • lily lamp
  • lily record player
  • fireworks table
  • Shari's pic
  • shamrock clock
  • hibiscus clock
  • ornate rug

Music Edit

  • Steep Hill

Clothing Edit

  • tulip tee
  • leaf tee
  • grass tee
  • fern tee
  • fall leaf tee
  • lotus tee
  • straw shirt
  • silk bloom tee
  • dreamy tee
  • dreamy tank dress
  • silk bloom dress
  • butterfly dress
  • lotus tank dress
  • lime dress
  • lacy parasol