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Saharah is a camel with strikingly long eyelashes and a foreign accent. She works as a nomadic trader of wallpapers and carpets.

Birthday: November 10th (Scorpio).

"Life is full of many journeys. Where they lead, no one can know."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • tent wall


  • Saharah's pic


  • K.K. Casbah


  • kaffiyeh
  • elegant umbrella

Meeting SaharahEdit

I don't care HOW many times you are calling me. My favorite carpet is NOT! FOR! SALE! This is the final word I am saying to you about this! It belongs in a museum! It is—…Ah?! You are [the player]…from Nook's Homes? And…you are wanting to talk about decorating my house? Ah! Please forgive me! Another call from a certain very rude carpet collector, I thought this was. Never would I speak in such a way to a fellow decorator. My deepest apologies. About decorating homes, I am always very happy to talk. I will visit your office right away, friend.

I am very sorry again for before. So embarrassed. The truth is, I am very happy that you called. You see, I am wanting to build a new house. This is a thing you can help me with, yes?


  • "The life of a traveling merchant is hard. So many long days. So many instant noodles. It is a good life, though. I have seen many things. Made many friends."
  • "Some others, they tell me, "walls of windows are the future" or "paint is here to stay." But I know, friend, that wallpapers will never go out of style."
  • "In my travels, I have seen many exotic places. Many lovely rooms. Such experiences inspire me to decorate with all my might."
  • "Such a lovely place, this is. Yet - ACHOO! - always I am cleaning. The dust of the road gets on everything."
  • "It would amaze you to know how many carpets and wallpapers are stored here. How do I hide them away? Forgive me, friend, but I cannot say. This is a precious trade secret."
  • "When I find a new carpet, I must stare at it until I learn all of its secrets. This is the only way to learn who it is best for, yes? I once spent three weeks staring at a VERY tricky rug."
  • "It is not good for a merchant to be staying off the road. …But this place. It is very relaxing. Perhaps I can stay a bit longer, yes?"
  • "Places that need wallpapers and carpets. These are the places I go. But sometimes…it is nice to rest outside. Just for a moment."

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