Image Name Size Unlocked by
round red rugS, M, LLopez, Peaches, Mitzi
round blue rugS, M, LJeremiah, Kody, Peaches
green round rugS, M, LLopez, Peaches
round yellow rugS, M, LVictoria, Peaches
gracie rugS, M, LFrobert, Puck
citrus rugS, M, LTangy, Ava
flower pop rugS, M, LCheri, Bob, Sally
ladybug rugS, M, LBroccolo, Bones
flower rugS, M, Ldefault
princess rugS, M, LCookie, Puddles
cute rugS, M, LPuddles, Gayle
cookie rugS, M, LBluebear, Merengue
tropical rugS, M, LO'Hare, Keaton, Del
magic circle rugS, M, LRocco, Lucy
earth rugS, M, LSterling, Benedict, Derwin
round stage rugS, M, LMusic Hall, Melba, Truffles
brick rugS, M, LKitty, Aurora
heart rugS, M, Ldefault
fluffy rugS, M, LAlfonso, Apollo, Amelia
tree-stump rugS, M, LDeirdre, Poppy
ranch rugS, M, LCaroline, Maple
picnic blanketS, M, LCarrie, Coach, Beau
soccer-field rugS, M, LSchool Remodel, Jitters, Hamlet
pavement rugS, M, LCarrie, Nan
exotic rugS, M, LRestaurant, Pekoe, Deli
modern rugS, M, LLopez
striped rugS, M, LLopez
gorgeous rugS, M, LChops, Tiffany, Grizzly
special-event rugS, M, LMusic Hall, Penelope, Fauna, Gigi
stage-floor rugS, M, LMusic Hall, Cherry, Tex, Felicity
wood-stage rugS, M, LMusic Hall, Jay, Baabara, Lolly
wood-deck rugS, M, LCole
white square rugS, M, LHotel, Zell
black square rugS, M, LLopez, Jacques, Flo
brown square rugS, M, LHotel, Eugene
study rugS, M, LSchool, Goldie
red rugS, M, LEunice, Vesta
tapestry carpetS, M, LErik, Twiggy, Grizzly
lovely rugS, M, Ldefault
fancy rugS, M, LPashmina, Tiffany
ornate rugS, M, LSally, Shari
alpine rugS, M, LGoldie
block rugS, M, LGigi, Flo
pastel-dot rugS, M, Ldefault
persian rugS, M, LChops, Canberra, Grizzly
green rugS, M, LEloise, Camofrog
exquisite rugS, M, LCousteau, Fang
tent rugS, M, LGrizzly, Canberra
geometric rugS, M, LGloria, Fang
tartan rugS, M, LAstrid, Elmer
kiddie rugS, M, LStitches, Doc
playroom rugS, M, LCarrie, Dizzy
pave rugS, M, LPortia
egg rugS, M, LAva, Biskit
harvest rugS, M, LMallary, Becky
jingle rugS, M, LCurlos, Daisy
spooky rugS, M, LTammy, Lucy
creepy rugS, M, LGenji, Clay
opulent rugS, M, LLimberg, Chow, Hamphrey
old rugS, M, LGenji, Chow
zebra-print rugS, M, LSavannah
leopard-print rugS, M, LBangle, Flo
giraffe-print rugS, M, LBangle
tiger-print rugS, M, LBangle
cow print rugS, M, LTipper
cowhide rugS, M, LHotel, Lopez, Zell, Bangle
sloppy rugS, M, LHarry, Mac
card rugS, M, LMoe, Pietro, Flo
shanty matS, M, LRizzo, Rolf, Tucker
bamboo rugS, M, LBuck, Pekoe, Chester
tatami rugS, M, LRestaurant, Blanche, Gladys, Snake
tearoom rugS, M, LBlanche, Gladys
rock-garden rugS, M, LKen, Gladys, Annalisa
helipad rugS, M, LChops, Kid Cat, Boomer
posh display rug 1S, MDepartment Store, Maelle
posh display rug 2S, MDepartment Store, Maelle, Fang
posh display rug 3S, MDepartment Store, Maelle
rare display rug 1S, MShop, Fang
rare display rug 2S, MShop
rare display rug 3S, MShop
tile display rug 1S, MShop
tile display rug 2S, MShop
display rug 1S, MShop, Fang
display rug 2S, MShop

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