Ruby Card
I want to look up and gaze at the moon all day and all night.

Client's vision

A room for moon gazing.

Provided items

telescope, moon

Amiibo Card


Ruby is a peppy albino rabbit.

Birthday: December 25th (Capricorn).

"You can always take the red-eye."


  • sweet olive

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • lunar horizon
  • lunar surface


  • dango
  • telescope
  • moon
  • bunny y. balloon
  • bunny c. balloon
  • bunny p. balloon
  • snow bunny
  • mochi pestle
  • full-moon vanity
  • Ruby's pic


  • Space K.K.


  • bunny tee
  • fluffy tank dress
  • fluffy dress
  • bunny hood
  • moon hairpin
  • leaf umbrella

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