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Porter is a brown monkey who works at the train station.

Birthday: April 17th (Aries).


  • "I once spent an entire year living on a train. It's true! I had a comfy little cabin near the caboose, eek! The best part was being rocked to sleep at night by the motion of the train. The worst part was that whistle. VROO-VROO! VROO-VROO! I hear it in my dreams sometimes…"
  • "Some monkeys like to live their lives in the trees, but not me. I like being on firm ground, eek! That's why I like my house so much. It just seems…grounded."
  • "Sometimes I wish this room was haunted… Not because I like to be scared or anything! It would just be nice to talk to someone, even a ghost."
  • "I'm sure there are ways to make this room more efficient, like a good train station. But since this is my personal space, I'm just going to let loose and be lazy. Ahhh…"
  • "I feel completely comfortable being myself in this room. Like, if I need to burp… BRRAAAPP! Pardon me! I didn't actually expect that to be so loud."
  • "I'm really glad I planted roots here. Not real roots, of course! I'd plant those outside. But community roots are just as important as tree roots. You've got to have a place to call home!"
  • "I'm still not sure how to open the windows in my house. So I've just been coming out here for fresh air! NNNNNN-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

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