Phoebe Card
Fire is so beautiful! I want a room wreathed in flames!

Client's vision

A fiery hangout.

Provided items

beacon fire

Amiibo Card


Phoebe is an uchi flame-colored ostrich. Judging from her name, coloration, and pyromania, she seems to be based on the mythical phoenix.

Birthday: April 22nd (Taurus).

"You can't keep a good bird down."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • stone wall
  • autumn wall
  • magma-cavern wall
  • autumn floor
  • lava floor


  • campfire cookware
  • beacon fire
  • tiki torch
  • plastic canister
  • gas pump
  • clay furnace
  • Fire Bar
  • Phoebe's pic


  • K.K. Metal


  • firefighter shirt
  • red-bar tee
  • bold-check tee
  • red-check tee
  • checkerboard tee
  • fiendish shirt
  • flame tee
  • red flannel shirt
  • checkerboard skirt
  • firefighter pants
  • red-stripe pants
  • flame pants
  • fireman's hat
  • red New Year's hat
  • tropical sandals
  • red umbrella

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