Penelope Card
I'm not getting married, but that doesn't mean I can't throw a huge wedding party!

Client's vision

A nonstop wedding party.

Provided items

(outside) bell, (inside) pipe organ, wedding cake

Amiibo Card


Penelope is a peppy gray mouse with blonde hair and a huge pink bow.

Birthday: February 5th (Aquarius).

"One mile or a thousand makes no difference to love."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • stone wall
  • rococo wall
  • rococo floor


  • Casablanca lilies
  • hibiscus
  • flower bouquet
  • wedding cake
  • pipe organ
  • bell
  • Penelope's pic
  • special event rug


  • K.K. Chorale


  • tuxedo
  • white tuxedo jacket
  • pink wave tank
  • cake dress
  • cake tank dress
  • white formal pants
  • black veil
  • bridal veil
  • tsunokakushi
  • flashy hairpin
  • leaf umbrella

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