Peck Card
I want a room that feels like a cage of natural beauty.

Client's vision

A birdcage.

Provided items

birdhouse, bird feeder, birdbath

Amiibo Card


Peck is a jock. He is a bird, and although he is mostly gray, the brown on his tail feathers and head stands out, especially against his white cheeks.

Birthday: July 25th (Leo).

"The best defense is a good offense."


  • persimmon tree

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • rice paddy wall
  • Daisy meadow


  • birdcage
  • bird feeder
  • birdhouse
  • birdbath
  • Peck's pic
  • sparrow's nest


  • Mountain Song


  • gray tank
  • orange lace up dress
  • green lace up dress
  • red feather
  • blue feather
  • yellow feather
  • green feather
  • beak
  • leaf umbrella

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