Image Name Custom Holds items Mountable Unlocked via
lantern××Beau, Erik
firewood×××Mac, Soleil, Erik, Rolf, Benjamin, Eunice, Anicotti, Limberg
campfire cookware×××Mac, Erik, Rolf, Cranston, Phoebe
campfire×××Mac, Hamphrey, Angus, Erik, Rolf, Benjamin, Hamphrey, Limberg
camp stove××Mac, Keaton
Propane stove
propane stove×××O'Hare
barbecue×××O'Hare, Patty
smoker×××Hamphrey, Patty, Ava, Spork
Sleeping bag
sleeping bag×××Mac, Erik, Rolf, Curly
camping cot×××Mac
hammock××Rocket, Rory, Mathilda, Soleil, Beardo
outdoor chair×××Bubbles, Rory, Whitney
Beach chair
beach chair×××O'Hare, Rory, Bubbles, Deena
Picnic table
picnic table×Mac, Soleil, Patty, Beardo, Beau
portable toilet×××Renée, Leonardo, Lionel
beacon fire×××Phoebe, Tom, Rooney, Snake
Tiki torch
tiki torch×××Phoebe, Ankha, T-Bone
bonfire×××Mac, Erik, T-Bone
hose reel×××Sylvia, Tammi, Jitters
air purifier××Violet, Kitt
flower seeds××First Shop
tin watering can××Wart Jr, Aurora, Charlise, Dora, Limberg, Leif
wooden bucket××Goldie, Papi, Erik, Tipper, Rodeo
wooden duckboards×××Buck, Joey
Garden tools
garden tools×××Charlise, Groucho, Dora, Benjamin, Puck, Limberg
stepladder×××Angus, Chief, Roald, Mott
Garden faucet
garden faucet××Sylvia, Butch, Pompom, Marcie
drinking fountain×××Quillson, Tammi, Al, Nana
handwashing area×××School Remodel, Tammi, Sylvia, Dora, Moose, Rooney
Lawn mower
lawn mower×××Jitters, Tipper, Beardo
sprinkler×××Jitters, Tammi, Patty, Dora, Tipper
Tool cart
tool cart××Chief, Walker, Roald
toolbox×Chief, Cyrus, Walker, Roald
Tool shelf
tool shelf×××Chief, Walker, Roald, Mott
greenhouse box×××First Shop, Aurora
flower bed×××School Remodel, Carrie, Pompom, Marcie
cable spool××Renée, Al, Chief
air pump×××Walker
kick scooter××Renée, Kody, Al, Nana
unicycle××School Remodel, Al, Peewee
Mountain bike
mountain bike××Walker
cruiser bike××Renée, Walker, Bam, Nana
Compact car
compact car××Agree to send play data
Sports car
sports car××Sparro, Gracie
metal can×××Rocco
plastic canister××Phoebe, Roald, T-Bone
Bird feeder
bird feeder×××Peck, Poppy, Beardo
birdhouse×××Peck, Poppy, Beardo
birdbath×××Peck, Amelia, Poppy, Soleil, Beardo
doghouse××Butch, Poppy
Mr flamingo
Mr. Flamingo×××Flora, Poppy, Beardo
Mrs flamingo
Mrs. Flamingo×××Flora, Poppy, Beardo
Garden gnome
garden gnome×Marcie, Poppy
iron garden chair××Beardo, Amelia, Keaton
Lawn chair
lawn chair××Rory, Patty, Bud, Soleil, Pippy
garden chair××Mac, Patty, Flip, Mac
iron garden bench××Beardo, Nana
wood bench×××Whitney, Annabelle, Broffina
metal bench×××Broffina, Hamlet, Moose, Rooney
yellow bench×××Victoria
cupid bench×××Amelia, Monique, Whitney
modern bench×××Broffina, Pompom
Bamboo bench
bamboo bench×××Greta, Gladys, Chester, Bill
zen bench×××Nan, Gladys, Robin, Annalisa
fairy-tale bench×××Melba
log bench×××O'Hare, Peaches, Dora
garden table×Beardo, Amelia, Patty
iron garden table×Keaton, Beardo, Amelia
Beach table
beach table××Bubbles, Rory, Cole, O'Hare, Keaton, Deena
bistro table××Cafe, Kitty, Keaton
swinging bench×××Carrie, Butch, Marcie
Elephant slide
elephant slide×××Carrie, Kody, Dizzy
tire toy×××Sylvia, Agnes, Al, Marcie
jungle gym×××Dizzy, Marcie
sandbox×××Carrie, Punchy, Peck, Marcie
sand castle×××Dizzy, Leila, Sylvia, Marcie
snowman×××Bianca, Flurry, Hans, Hopper, Eunice
Backyard pool
backyard pool×××Sylvia, Deena, Marcie
pool×××Sylvia, Deena, Opal, Marcie
statue fountain×××Klaus, Amelia, Opal, Chops, Wolfgang
fountain×××Nana, Amelia, Sally
Outdoor bath
outdoor bath×××Klaus, Greta, Lily
lotus pond×××Marcel, Gladys, Greta, Lily
Garden lantern
garden lantern××Nana, Pompom, Marcie
round streetlight×××Peaches
fairy-tale streetlight×××Melba, Amelia
streetlight×××Katt, Lobo, Shep
zen streetlight×××Ken, Annalisa
modern streetlight×××Pompom
modern clock×××Pompom, Nana, Broffina
zen clock×××Ken, Goose, Snake
fairy-tale clock×××Melba, Amelia, Goose
park clock×××Department Store, Broffina, Goose, Nana
metal flagpole××Bill, Roald
round topiary×××Beardo, Peaches
square topiary×××Beardo
tulip topiary×××Melba, Beardo, Carrie
Bug zapper
bug zapper×××Soleil, Beardo
Tall lantern
tall lantern×××Snake, Gladys
Tall garden rock
tall garden rock×××Marcel, Ken, Gladys, Robin
Garden rock
garden rock×××Marcel, Ken, Gladys,
stone tablet×××Annabelle
instrument shelter×××School Remodel, Mott
Deer scare
deer scare×××Marcel, Blanche, Gladys, Chester, Snake, Lily
bamboo fence×××Marcel, Walt, Gladys, Limberg
zen garden×××Marcel, Ken, Gladys
pile of leaves×××Deirdre
fertilizer××First Shop, Leif
cornstalks×××Tucker, Benjamin, Limberg, Mathilda, Lyman, Sly
Wheat bundle
wheat bundle×××Cranston, Groucho, Dora, Tipper
Wheat field
wheat field×××Cranston, Groucho, Dora, Tucker, Benjamin, Limberg
rack of rice×××Cranston, Dora, Limberg
rice bales×××Cranston, Limberg
scarecrow×××Cranston, Dora, Benjamin, Limberg
pointy-hat scarecrow×××Cranston, Groucho, Dora
tractor××Cranston, Groucho, Limberg
forklift×××Cesar, Rocco, Cube
steamroller×××Cesar, Octavian, Rocco, Cube
Covered wagon
covered wagon×××Poncho, Winnie
Wagon wheel
wagon wheel×××Poncho, Winnie, Boone
Western fence
western fence×××Poncho, Winnie
Saddle fence
saddle fence×××Poncho, Winnie
Cow skull
cow skull××Poncho, Avery, Savannah, Boone
Watering trough
watering trough×××Poncho, Winnie
storefront×××Poncho, Winnie
well×××Poncho, Clay, Benjamin, Winnie, Boone
water pump×××Cally, Groucho, Soleil, Winnie
stone well×××Dora, Winnie
Gas pump
gas pump×××Phoebe, Roald
Cement mixer
cement mixer×××Cesar
handcart×××Cesar, Charlise, Dora, Benjamin
drilling rig×××Grizzly
Oil barrel
oil barrel××Cesar, Vladimir, Rocco, Grizzly
tire stack×××Chester, Renée, Rocco, Cube, Walker
pile of pipes×××Katt, Renée
Iron frame
iron frame×××Cesar, Rocco, Cube
Detour arrow
detour arrow×××Cesar
sawhorse×××Cesar, Vladimir, Rocco
Red cone
red cone×××Cesar, Rocco, Deena
Traffic cone
traffic cone×××Cesar
Striped cone
striped cone×××Cesar
pylon set×××Cesar, Vladimir, Rocco, Butch, Croque
Manhole cover
manhole cover×××Rizzo, Cesar, Octavian, Vladimir, Rocco, Chevre, Don Resetti
Fire hydrant
fire hydrant×××T-Bone
Wet-road sign
wet-road sign××Cesar, Rocco, Roald
yield sign×××Roald, Rocco
do-not-enter sign××Roald, Rocco
Bus-stop stand
bus-stop stand×××Roald, Annabelle, Broffina
traffic signal×××Roald
Phone box
phone box×××Sydney, Annabelle
snow machine×××Jiggly, Hans, Sprinkle
Wave breaker
wave breaker×××Angus, Bubbles, Rory
wind turbine×××Cube
windmill×××Groucho, Alice
tower×××Annabelle, Bonbon
illuminated tree×××Annabelle, Pietro
illuminated heart×××Gayle
illuminated clock×××Nibbles, Goose
stadium light×××Hamlet, Leonardo
video screen×××Bonbon
solar panel×××Mathilda, Cube
parabolic antenna×××Kevin
Spaceman Sam
Spaceman Sam×××Sterling, Phil
rocket×××Sterling, Phil
Space shuttle
space shuttle×××Benedict, Sterling, Phil
Space station
space station×××Benedict, Sterling, Phil
Lunar lander
lunar lander×××Sterling, Phil
satellite×××Sterling, Phil, Benedict
Lunar rover
lunar rover×××Sterling, Phil
Flying saucer
flying saucer×××Biff, Octavian, Sterling, Phil, Bonbon
asteroid×××Sterling, Phil, Benedict
moon×××Katt, Ruby, Sterling, Benedict


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