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Nat is an adventurous insect fanatic who'll show up in time for any bug-catching tournaments. When it comes to bugs, he's the lizard to talk to.

Birthday: July 25th (Leo).


Wallpaper & FlooringEdit


  • Firefly lamp
  • Caterpillar sofa
  • Snail clock
  • Nat's pic




  • "I try to keep my room tidy, but now and then I like to smear a trail of peanut butter into my home. Doing so and leaving the door open can create exciting new insect possibilities for the avid collector. I don't recommend this strategy for anyone but the most devoted fan."
  • "If I were pressed into selecting an absolute favorite insect, it might be an impossible task. I love each insect for completely different reasons! I value some for beauty and others for strength! I suppose I just have a rather… let's say, particular taste in insects, eh, old bean! Heh heh!"
  • "Once, while deep in the jungles of Swarmzi Beezlee, I found myself under siege by a 40-foot wasp! It came at me from the left, and then from the right! I narrowly escaped with my life. Luckily, I remembered that Swarmzi Beezlee wasps, like all wasps, hate opera. I belted like never before! I nearly got myself a part in the Queen's Royal Opera, but I had to decline. Science needed me more!"
  • "Few folks know this, but I can actually speak most dialects of Insect. It's rather hard on the vocal cords, but anyone can do it! The hardest part is being careful not to accidentally offend scorpions with crude language. Apparently most words are offensive to scorpions; hence the reason they're so quick to sting!"
  • "It should not alarm you to learn that this home, like all homes, is just crawling with insect life. At any given moment, you are mere inches away from swarms of bugs, all writhing and squirming around. Isn't it just smashing?"
  • "Be careful there, old bean! You have to be cautious out here lest you scare away a fine insect specimen. I'm current acting unsuspicious so as to fool them into thinking I am aloof and not paying attention. But of course I am paying very close attention. And then I will strike! But first, I wait…"
  • "The yard is the natural habitat of every sort of insect, making it one of my favorite places to be. Some days I dress up like a happy little caterpillar to fool them into accepting me into their crowds… And then I spring my trap! Those are indeed very good days for science."

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