Image Name Custom Mountable Holds items Unlocked by
Rock guitar
rock guitar××
Electric guitar
electric guitar××Music Hall, Bella, Tex, Flo
metal guitar××Music Hall, Roscoe, Tex, Kyle, Flo
double-neck guitar××Music Hall, Victoria, Tex, Flo, Wolfgang
electric bass××Music Hall, Astrid, Tex
sitar×××Music Hall
Folk guitar
folk guitar×××Music Hall, Chief, Shep, Flo
Country guitar
country guitar×××Music Hall, Chief, Flo
ukelele××Music Hall, O'Hare
Biwa lute
biwa lute×××Music Hall
sanshin×××Music Hall, Rory, Cole, Grams, Pekoe
harp×××Music Hall, Fauna, Gabi
violin×××Music Hall, Fauna, Gabi
cello×××Music Hall, Fauna, Gabi
bass×××Music Hall, Fauna, Gabi
trumpet×××Music Hall
alto saxophone×××Music Hall
bagpipes×××Music Hall, Kyle
Upright piano
upright piano×××Music Hall, Olivia, Dotty
Ebony piano
ebony piano××Music Hall, Olivia, Fauna, Gabi
toy piano××Bones, Astrid
harpsichord×××Music Hall, Fauna
xylophone×××Music Hall
vibraphone×××Music Hall, Fauna
synthesizer×××Music Hall, Bella
organ×××Music Hall, Fauna
pipe organ×××Music Hall, Becky, Monique, Penelope
theremin×××Music Hall
mic stand×××Music Hall, Quillson, Teddy, Francine, Tex, Paula
silver mic×××Music Hall, Bella, Astrid, Dr. Shrunk, Quillson
Timpano drum
timpano drum×××Music Hall
snare drum××Music Hall, Tex
drum set××Music Hall, Astrid, Quillson, Tex
Djimbe drum
djimbe drum×××Music Hall
Conga drum
conga drum×××Music Hall, Portia
Taiko drum
taiko drum×××Music Hall, Zucker
music stand×××Music Hall, Quillson, Becky, Olivia, Fauna
metronome××Music Hall, Olivia, Fauna, Gabi
speaker××Music Hall, Quillson, Tex
effects rack××Music Hall, Tex
sound mixer×××Music Hall, Jacques, Quillson, Wendy, Tex
floor monitor×××Music Hall, Bella, Tex
amp×××Music Hall, Bella, Tex, Wendy
big amp×××Music Hall, Bella, Tex, Wendy

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