Merengue Card

Client's vision

A candy house.

Provided items

sweets bed, sweets minitable, sweets sofa

Amiibo Card


Merengue is a normal rhino. She is light pink with whipped cream hair and a strawberry horn. She looks like a strawberry shortcake.

Birthday: March 19th (Pisces).

"Life is a piece of cake."


Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • cookie rug
  • sweets wall
  • sweets floor


  • sweets bed
  • sweets minitable
  • sweets sofa
  • fancy tea set
  • candy jar
  • chocolate fountain
  • Yule log
  • sweets chair
  • sweets closet
  • sweets table
  • sweets player
  • sweets minilamp
  • sweets bookcase
  • sweets dresser
  • Merengue's pic
  • sweets lamp



  • flan tank

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