Marina Card
It would be so cool to live in an underwater fantasy land.

Client's vision

An underwater fantasy land.

Provided items

mermaid screen, Aquarius urn

Amiibo Card


Marina is a normal pink octopus with a small pink bow on the back of her head, which is barely noticeable.

Birthday: June 26th (Cancer).

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Exterior Edit

  • Mermaid roof
  • Mermaid exterior
  • Mermaid door
  • Pink mermaid fence
  • Blue mermaid fence

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • mermaid wall
  • mermaid carpet
  • marine pop wall
  • marine pop floor
  • water floor
  • underwater floor


  • mermaid bed
  • mermaid chair
  • mermaid closet
  • mermaid dresser
  • mermaid table
  • mermaid sofa
  • mermaid shelf
  • mermaid lamp
  • mermaid vanity
  • mermaid screen
  • mermaid clock
  • mermaid statue
  • Marina's pic
  • octopus chair
  • red-snapper chair
  • sea-anemone bed
  • dab table
  • flounder table
  • squid chair
  • puffer fish TV
  • crab clock
  • football-fish lamp
  • Aquarius urn
  • sushi platter


  • Space K.K.


  • bubblegum tee

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