Margie Card
I love all kinds of clothes, so my dream home is actually a giant walk-in closet.

Client's vision

A place full of clothes.

Provided items

clothes closet, round cushion, sewing machine

Amiibo Card


Margie is a normal white elephant.

Birthday: January 28th (Aquarius).

"Keep your feet on the ground."


  • lychee tree

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • exotic wall
  • terrace rug


  • round cushion
  • rolling closet
  • sewing machine
  • hanger rack
  • changing room
  • Margie's pic


  • K.K. Bossa


  • hot spring tee
  • candy gingham tee
  • picnic tee
  • melon gingham tee
  • lemon gingham tee
  • mint gingham tee
  • gray tartan tee
  • bad plaid tee
  • waffle tee
  • pink tartan tee
  • blue diamond tee
  • swell tee
  • red argyle tee
  • pink argyle tee
  • pink tank
  • lacy white tank
  • garden tank
  • gray tank
  • denim jacket
  • canary shirt
  • mint gingham skirt
  • picnic skirt
  • pink argyle skirt
  • brown argyle skirt
  • red plaid skirt
  • gray tartan skirt
  • pastel-check skirt
  • flower loafers
  • petal parasol

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