Maelle Card
I'd like to run a shop that sells quality clothing and accessories…

Client's vision

A high-end fashion boutique.

Provided items

handbag, perfume bottles, jewelry case

Amiibo Card


Maelle is a snooty yellow duck with a red, bobbed haircut and green eyeshadow. 

Birthday: April 8th (Aries).

"A wise duck takes care of her bill."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • princess wall


  • elegant chair
  • elegant bench
  • princess curio
  • jewelry case
  • perfume bottles
  • hanger rack
  • handbag
  • fancy display stand
  • posh display rug 1
  • posh display rug 2
  • posh display rug 3
  • Maelle's pic


  • K.K. Disco


  • heart tee
  • matronly bun
  • cloche hat
  • aviator shades

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