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Lyle is Lottie's uncle and also works at Nook's Homes. He and Tom Nook have been working together for years, but he used to be Redd's associate.

Birthday: June 6th (Gemini).

"The good, the bad, the so-so… Make all of it work for you."


  • Lyle's pic
  • gold house model


  • K.K. Tango


  • "Ol' Lyle's no stranger to the happy-homes game. No, [sir/ma'am]. Still…it feels strange looking at my own home with a keen eye. Been rating other folks' homes too long! Turnabout? Fair play. Lyle knows."
  • "This place? Lyle's castle. Me? Just call me Ol' King Lyle! I kid! I kid! Ol' Lyle's more princely than kingly."
  • "You? The perfect guest. Me? The eager-to-please host. Please. Boom. Make yourself at home. Ol' Lyle insists! Bang!"
  • "Nothing like the feeling one has from owning one's own home. Oh. Oh my. Ol' Lyle's gettin' a bit choked up."
  • "This room? Real air of relaxation here, wouldn't you say? Bam. Believe you me. Ol' Lyle knows how to put his feet up. Yes, [sir/ma'am]."
  • "Bang! Can't describe it. It? The feeling ol' Lyle gets when he's in or around his new home. Warm? Bam! Fuzzy? Boom! There's just nothing like it. Too much for ya? Is ol' Lyle gushin' more than he should? Well, it's all part of being a homeowner."
  • "Smell that? Fresh. Air. Boom! You and Lyle? Smellers. Of air. This here is ol' Lyle's air. But ol' Lyle's not stingy. Air. To. Spare. And air to share! Bang!"
  • "Yep. Ol' Lyle truly appreciates the value of a nice piece of land. Really puts things in perspective. Boom! Not that ol' Lyle's gettin' ready to retire anytime soon. No, sirree. Too much work to be done. Bang."

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