Client's vision

A 30th-anniversary party!

Provided items

three lamp, zero lamp, ? Block

Amiibo Card

No information

Louie is a brown gorilla with a jock personality who idolizes Mario. He wears a big bro's tee and resembles Donkey Kong. He unlocks the song K.K. Parade upon doing a deluxe remodel.

He was distributed in October 2015. In North America, he was distributed through Nintendo Zones from September 26th to October 16th, and via SpotPass starting October 6th, 2015. In Japan, he was distributed beginning October 1st and in Europe, the distribution began on the 2nd.

Birthday: March 26th (Aries).

"It's all about the muscle."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • mushroom mural
  • block floor


  • zero lamp
  • three lamp
  • Super Mushroom
  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Super Star
  • Yoshi's Egg
  • Block
  • ? Block
  • Pipe
  • Coin
  • Green Shell
  • Fire Bar
  • Bill Blaster
  • Goal Pole
  • Louie's pic


  • K.K. Song


  • big bro's tee
  • gelato umbrella


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