Client's vision

An utterly charming room.

Provided items

lovely love seat

Amiibo Card

017, 311

Lottie is a smart, sassy river otter who leads you in your new role as decorator in the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game. She isn't afraid to call out her boss—the successful business-raccoon Tom Nook—on his shenanigans, but she's also his most loyal employee. Lottie's uncle Lyle works with her at Nook's Homes, as does her crush – Isabelle's twin brother Digby.

The player decorates her room as part of employee training.

Birthday: September 12th (Virgo).

"Let's get you in a new house today!"


  • Lottie's pic
  • Digby's pic


  • "Owning a home really makes you part of a community. Yup, I am seriously invested in this town!"
  • "When I first started out in the business world, I used to spend SO many nights at the office. I still do, I guess. But at least now I have this amazing place to come home to, [player]."
  • "I love my ME time, but on occasion it gets kinda lonely around here. Maybe I'll take an online class to fill the empty hours!"
  • "This is the one place where I can really relax and just let it all hang out. Ahh…"
  • "I gotta keep this place looking good. What if Digby popped in for a visit and it was a mess in here?"
  • "I feel completely at home in here. Of course, this IS my home, but I really do feel comfortable here."
  • "Each breath of this fresh air gets me so invigorated! You should try breathing sometime. It's the best."
  • "This yard is perfect for outdoor socializing! (Maybe I should invite Digby over for a picnic…)"
  • "Don't get me wrong - I'm all about the great outdoors. But there's something so... comfy about a nice, professional office with walls and chairs and stuff."


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