Lily Card
My head needs a zen-like environment, and my skin needs moist air.

Client's vision

A zen space with moist air.

Provided items

humidifier, ikebana display, tea table

Amiibo Card


Lily is a normal teal frog with rosy cheeks.

Birthday: February 4th (Aquarius).

"Don't jump to conclusions!"


  • pink hydrangea

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • bamboo grove wall
  • mossy carpet


  • tea table
  • ikebana display
  • tea table
  • drip pail
  • humidifier
  • moss ball
  • outdoor bath
  • lotus pond
  • deer scare
  • lucky frog
  • frog
  • Lily's pic


  • Stale Cupcakes


  • frog costume
  • kappa costume
  • icy shirt
  • red jacket
  • blue jacket
  • yellow raincoat
  • moldy dress
  • frog costume pants
  • kappa costume pants
  • kappa cap
  • frog cap
  • pacifier
  • blue dot parasol

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