Image Name Custom Unlocked by
fluorescent light
Enamel lamp
enamel light
glass-shade lamp
Wood-shade lamp
wood-shade lamp
Pop-shade lamp
pop-shade lamp
Cloth-shade lamp
cloth-shade lamp
zen light
Zen modern lamp
zen modern lamp
imperial lamp
stained-glass light
hanging lightbulb
Metal grid lamp
metal grid lamp
round light fixture
Ceiling spotlight
ceiling spotlight
Flower chandelier
flower chandelier
Fancy chandelier
fancy chandelier
disco ball
Hanging-plant holder
hanging-plant holder
vine lamp
Ivy garland
ivy garland
Hanging shelf
hanging shelf
ceiling fan
Bird mobile
bird mobile
Honeycomb balls
honeycomb balls
24-hour-shop light
24-hour-shop light Filly (Japan only)
Hanging menu
hanging menu
Information sign
information sign
range hood

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