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Leila is a baby turtle. Her parents are Kapp'n and Leilani, and her Grams lives with the family as well. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can find her on the Island with the other turtles. She will play supermarket and buy items from you at a very discounted price.

Birthday: August 16th (Leo).


  • Leila's pic


  • "My mom and dad and grandma make me go to bed early, but I don't always go to sleep right away."
  • "My grandma tells the best stories, an' she's teachin' me some of my dad's old sea shanties!"
  • "Ha ha ha! My mom told my dad a joke about a squid and a sea horse. I didn't really get it, but "squid" is a really funny word."
  • "I saw my mom blow a kiss to my dad, and he fell over!"
  • "Do you like our house? 'Cause I do!"
  • "I love my yard!"
  • ""Ahoy, me matey-mates! Shimber me down to town!" That's what my dad says!"

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