Kevin Card
I want a house that prepares me for piloting a spaceship!

Client's vision

A spaceship.

Provided items

parabolic antenna (outside), captain's monitor, space captain's seat (inside)

Amiibo Card


Kevin is a jock pig. He is light orange with dark orange stripes around the sides of his face. He has a few freckles on both of his cheeks.

Birthday: April 26th (Taurus).

"Sometimes it's OK to get dirty."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • sci-fi wall
  • sci-fi floor


  • parabolic antenna
  • large space console
  • space captain's seat
  • captain's monitor
  • crew's monitor
  • ship cannon
  • Kevin's pic
  • boomerang
  • Sagittarius arrow
  • pirate's armor
  • wall mounted monitor


  • Go K.K. Rider


  • after school jacket
  • purple imp hood
  • forest umbrella

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