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Katie is a young yellow cat who loves to travel. She has brown hair and wears a straw hat and a red backpack.

Birthday: October 22nd (Libra).


  • Katie's pic


  • "So this is what it's like to settle down in one place? If I had known this earlier, I think I might have done this a long time ago! Maybe."
  • "So let me ask you, [player]… Is it just me, or is this place pretty cool? 'Cause I've been in some cool places, but this seems WAY cool. It's OK. Don't answer right now. We should both think about it for a little while maybe."
  • "I thought I might go a little nutty, you know, staying in one place and stuff. But this is actually pretty cool!"
  • "Tee hee! I never thought I'd be the type to settle down and get a place of my own. But I really like it here!"
  • "My mom's pretty happy that I found a nice place to hang my hat. I should probably get a hat…"
  • "Wow, girlie! A cat could really get used to a place like this. Sometimes my feet get a little itchy when I think about all the places I've been. I mean, SERIOUSLY itchy. My mom always says the best cure for itchy feet is to hang out at home and appreciate where you are."
  • "The air here smells really good! Man, let me tell ya. I've been to some places where the air wasn't so great. I definitely prefer the good air to the not-so-great air."
  • "I'm really liking this area. I don't usually stay in one place too long, but this time might be different. My mom always says, "Katie, you need to put down some roots!" But I don't see what planting trees has to do with anything."
  • "It's a big world out there, [player]! Trust me. I've been all over the place. My mom says I've got a bad case of the "wanderies." Ha ha! I just realized that "wandery" sounds like "laundry"!"

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