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This turtle ferries you out to the tropical island. In the past he's been seen driving a taxi and a bus, and in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game, he's the captain of a little boat. Or maybe he just wanted to sing his songs— it's only right to be sailing while singing sea shanties, after all!

Kapp'n lives with his wife, Leilani, daughter, Leila, and mother, who goes by Grams.

Birthday: July 12th (Cancer).

"A li'l wind goes a long ways."


  • Kapp'n's pic


  • Marine Song 2001


  • blue aloha tee
  • kappa cap

Meeting Kapp'nEdit

Ahoy! Kapp'n speakin'. What can I do fer ye? I don't quite understand what ye be gettin' at. Any chance ye could just send yer message by carrier pigeon? What? Nook's Homes? Funny ye should be callin' at this time. Funny 'cause I been thinkin' 'bout callin' YOU. Thar's some work ta be done 'round here. Perhaps it'd be best if I came in ta see ye.

I'll be honest with ye. The ladies in me life have been after me ta do some home improvin'. Thar's me mum, goin' by the name o' Grams, me wife, Leilani, an' me wee one, Leila. May come as a surprise to ye, but the three of 'em together be quite the formidable force. May seem like a tall order, but what we're lookin' fer be a new house. Ye heard that right. We're wantin' ta start from scratch. What say ye?


  • "Have ye ever heard tell o' a magical piece o' bedroom furniture called... a water bed? Color me crazy, but it seems too good ta be true!"
  • "Riggin' looks good in here. I feel like she's watertight too. Don't think I won't take this home out ta sea. I'm the Kapp'n! I can sail anything!"
  • "By Neptune's knapsack! I just now realized somethin'... If a man's home is his castle, a Kapp'n's home is his forecastle! No?"
  • "Har har har! Oh! Sorrrry. I was just thinkin' 'bout a funny joke me lovely wife told me a bit ago. She's a crack-up, that one."
  • "Me family's like me crew, an' me home be like our ship. An' I may be the Kapp'n, but thar be more'n a little room fer discussion 'bout who's REALLY in charge."
  • "Do ye think portholes would be an odd addition to a house? Some might, but I be all nautical all the time."
  • "Someday, I'll have a ship that can sail the great green sea. I be talkin' 'bout grass here. Sailin' on grass."
  • "The ol' castle's lookin' shapely as a shipshape ship!"
  • "Is a yardarm just an arm that be in a yard? 'Tis a funny word, ain't it? Yarrrdarrrrm..."


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