Blue is the best! I want to surround myself with blue furniture in a blue room!

Client's vision

A blue room, top to bottom.

Provided items

blue bureau, blue table, blue chair

Amiibo Card


Jeremiah is a lazy blue spotted frog.

Birthday: July 8th (Cancer).

"Sleep before you leap."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • blue-trim wall
  • blue wall
  • blue tile floor
  • blue flooring


  • blue bed
  • blue table
  • blue chair
  • blue bench
  • blue wardrobe
  • blue cabinet
  • blue bureau
  • blue bookcase
  • blue dresser
  • blue clock
  • blue pansies
  • blue violets
  • bunny b. balloon
  • blue balloon
  • Jeremiah's pic
  • blue wall shelf
  • round blue rug

Music Edit

  • Stale Cupcakes


  • sunset tee
  • deep-blue tee
  • blue-check tee
  • blue plaid tee
  • vertigo tee
  • raglan tee
  • raglan shirt
  • blue pj shirt
  • blue flannel shirt
  • embroidered dress
  • blue party dress
  • blue-stripe pants
  • blue cap
  • blue pom-pom hat
  • blue New Year's hat
  • blue ribbon
  • blue frames
  • blue pumps
  • blue sneakers
  • blue umbrella

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