I'd like a dedicated dressing room where I can do my makeup in the mornings.

Client's vision

A dressing room.

Provided items

salon mirror stand, makeup case, folding chair

Amiibo Card


Jambette is a normal green frog wearing a lot of makeup.

Birthday: October 27th (Scorpio).

"It takes more muscles to frown than to smile."

Furniture Edit

  • folding chair
  • makeup case
  • jewelry case
  • desk mirror
  • stacked magazines
  • flashy flower sign
  • changing room
  • salon mirror stand
  • Jambette's pic
  • zen note card


  • K.K. Étude

Clothing Edit

  • frog costume
  • prism tee
  • dollhouse dress
  • tartan plaid outfit
  • frog costume pants
  • boater
  • floppy hat
  • small silk hat
  • tiara hair
  • frog cap

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