Image Name Custom Mountable Unlocked by
Snake plant
snake plant××Goldie, Savannah, Gala, Bruce
Coconut palm
coconut palm××Savannah
Holly bonsai
holly bonsai×Wart Jr, Gladys
cacao tree××Yuka, Lopez
Corn plant
corn plant××Yuka, Eloise, Savannah
Fan palm
fan palm××Yuka, Mathilda
Weeping fig
weeping fig××Gala, Mint
Lady palm
lady palm××Pekoe, Drift
cypress plant××First Shop, Mathilda, Sydney
dracaena××Yuka, Pinky, Lucky
Rubber tree
rubber tree××Yuka, Camofrog
aloe××Goldie, Savannah
caladium××First Shop, Goldie, Mathilda
succulent plant×First Shop, Boone
poinsettia×First Shop, Aurora
Mugho bonsai
mugho bonsai×Wart Jr, Gladys
Ponderosa bonsai
ponderosa bonsai×Wart Jr, Blanche, Gladys
Pine bonsai
pine bonsai×First Shop, Wart Jr, Blanche, Gladys
Plum bonsai
plum bonsai×Wart Jr, Blanche, Gladys
Quince bonsai quince bonsai×Wart Jr, Gladys
Jasmine bonsai
jasmine bonsai×Wart Jr, Pekoe
Azalea bonsai
azalea bonsai×Wart Jr, Gladys
moss ball×Marcel, Gladys, Lily
Maple bonsai
maple bonsai×Wart Jr, Blanche, Gladys, Deirdre
tall mini cactus×Savannah
mini cactus×Savannah
tall cactus××Savannah, Boone
Tall cactus
tall cactus××Savannah, Boone
Desert cactus
desert cactus××Poncho, Boone
round mini cactus×Savannah, Peaches, Boone
Round cactus
round cactus××First Shop, Boone
shrub sapling×First Shop
single rose×Restaurant, Curlos, Colton, Olaf, Olivia, Ed, Lopez
daffodil×Goldie, Gala
gerbera×Goldie, Gala
Casablanca lilies
Casablanca lilies×Whitney, Monique, Penelope
ikebana display×School, Lily
moth orchid×Department Store, Pango, Whitney, Bettina, Bonnie
hibiscus×Pekoe, Penelope
sunflower×School, Goldie, Victoria
flower bouquet×Music Hall, Olaf, Aurora, Ed, Penelope, Rosie, Felicity
cedar sapling×First Shop, Limberg
sapling×First Shop, Limberg
morning glorySchool, Bill
planter××Dora, Mathilda, Lyman, Bill, Limberg
Hawthorn bonsai
hawthorn bonsai×Gladys, Mathilda
morning-glory vines×School Remodel, Mathilda, Camofrog
Barrel planter
barrel planter×Mathilda, Aurora, Marcie
red tulips×Goldie, Bob
white tulips×Bob, Aurora, Antonio
yellow tulips×Carrie, Victoria, Bob
pink tulips×Puddles, Bob, Cookie
purple tulips×Tammy, Aurora, Bob, Muffy
black tulips×Clay, Roscoe
orange tulips×Tammy, Aurora, Bob
white pansies×Antonio, Aurora
yellow pansies×Victoria, Bob, Sally
red pansies×Carrie, Aurora
purple pansies×Carrie, Aurora, Bob
orange pansies×Stitches, Aurora, Pinky
blue pansies×Jeremiah, Aurora, Pippy
white cosmos×Antonio, Aurora
red cosmos×Bob, Aurora
yellow cosmos×Victoria, Sally
pink cosmos×Violet, Aurora, Renée
orange cosmos×Deirdre
black cosmos×Genji, Roscoe
red roses×Gigi, Pango
white roses×Pango, Whitney, Antonio
yellow roses×Victoria, Pango
pink roses×Cherry, Aurora, Rosie
orange roses×Tia, Aurora, Dizzy
purple roses×Clay, Gloria, Diana
black roses×Rudy, Barold, Tiffany
blue roses×Kody, Grizzly, Rhonda
gold roses×Chops, Olaf
red carnations×Carrie, Kitty, Marcie
pink carnations×First Shop, Goldie, Flora
white carnations×First Shop, Celia, Whitney, Antonio, Gigi
white lilies×Carrie, Bob, Whitney
yellow lilies×Goldie, Victoria, Pango
red lilies×Pango, Sally
orange lilies×Nana, Aurora, Willow
pink lilies×Flora, Pango, Gayle
black lilies×Genji, Tabby, Muffy
purple violets×Carrie, Becky, Bob
blue violets×Rizzo, Jeremiah, Bob
white violets×Sally, Antonio
yellow violets×Victoria, Aurora, Gaston
lily of the valley×Whitney, Felicity, Mint, Skye
dandelions×Victoria, Sally
dandelion puffs×Chow, T-Bone
tumbleweed×Poncho, Boone
rafflesia××Charlise, Harry

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