Image Name Custom Mountable Holds items Unlocked by
Mini lamp
mini lamp××Office
Desk light
desk light××Derwin
Table lamp
table lamp××Nibbles, Opal
stained-glass lamp×Annalise, Monique, Gwen
Modern lamp
modern lamp×Dotty, Roscoe, Queenie
Exotic lamp
exotic lamp×Cousteau, Pekoe
Harvest lamp
harvest lamp××Mallary, Becky, Gigi
rococo lamp×Muffy, Pashmina
candle××Genji, Knox, Katrina
candelabra××Restaurant, Tammy, Monique
Minimalist lamp
minimalist lamp××Lopez
Natural lamp
natural lamp××Goldie
Cabana lamp
cabana lamp××Cole, Pekoe, Opal
Pave lamp
pave lamp×××Portia
Gracie lamp
gracie lamp×××Gloria, Frobert
Princess lamp
princess lamp×××Cookie, Mint
Lovely lamp
lovely lamp××default
sleek lamp××Roscoe, Kyle
astro lamp××Lopez
Lava lamp
lava lamp××Hotel, Nibbles, Pancetti
sloppy lamp××Harry
mermaid lamp×××Marina, Peggy
Green lamp
green lamp××Goldie, Eloise
Blue dresser
blue dresser××Jeremiah, Kody
modern wood lamp××Goldie
alpine lamp××Gloria, Willow
Regal lamp
regal lamp××Hotel, Friga, Pecan, Celia
Gorgeous lamp
gorgeous lamp×××Hotel, Tiffany
stripe lamp××Lopez, Pippy
Polka-dot lamp
polka-dot lamp××Chrissy, Apple
hourglass×Ava, Tom
Round clock
round clock×Goose, Apple
Alarm clock
alarm clock×Goldie, Goose
Oval clock
oval clock×Curly, Goose, Victoria
Owl clock
owl clock××Papi, Poppy
Cube clock
cube clock××Goose
Antique clock
antique clock×××Goose, Alice
Classic clock
classic clock××Hotel, Pecan, Friga
Cabin clock
cabin clock××Caroline, Papi, Goose
Blue clock
blue clock××Jeremiah, Kody, Goose
Regal clock
regal clock××Pecan, Celia, Friga
rococo clock××Muffy, Goose, Pashmina
Harvest clock
harvest clock×××Mallary, Gigi
Kiddie clock
kiddie clock××Stitches, Goose, Doc
Kitschy clock
kitschy clock×××Peanut, Fuchsia
Simple panel
simple panel××Hospital, Cafe, Pate, Cherry, Bruce, Antonio
glass partition×××Lopez, Quillson, Marcel
classic screen×××Roscoe, Queenie
Exotic screen
exotic screen××Restaurant, Prince, Pekoe, Cousteau
Cabana screen
cabana screen××Cole, Pekoe
Ivy partition
ivy partition××Goldie, O'Hare, Camofrog, Yuka
mermaid screen×××Marina, Peggy
tile screen××Hotel, Opal
radiator×××Goldie, Rocket
Space heater
space heater×××Tom, Bruce, Rooney
Potbelly stove
potbelly stove×××Eunice, Hopper, Tom, Miranda
fireplace××Hotel, Goldie, Caroline, Erik, Tom, Gabi, Vesta
humidifier×Hotel, Bella, Diana, Pancetti, Rhonda, Lily
aroma pot×Shep, Diana, Pancetti, Gwen, Rhonda, Luna
incense burner××Hotel, Opal, Pekoe, Gloria, Diana, Rhonda
makeup case××Second Shop, Puddles, Jambette, Merry, Tiffany, Flora, Reese, Merry, Tiffany, Flora
Jewelry case
jewelry case×Department Store, Maelle, Jambette
perfume bottles××Department Store, Maelle, Pango, Cookie, Luna
ring×Department Store, Olaf, Maelle, Tiffany
Desk mirror
desk mirror×Second Shop, Department Store, Jambette, Elise, Kidd, Jambette, Elise, Kidd
yarn basket××Eunice, Labelle, Vesta
sewing machine××Bangle, Kitt, Margie
Old sewing machine
old sewing machine×××Vesta, Sable, Bangle
stack of clothes×Second Shop, Cherry, Joey
coat hanger×××Lopez, Blaire
hanger rack××Cherry, Maelle, Margie
handbag×Department Store, Maelle, Flora, Henry
Boston bag×Hotel, Henry
trunk×Hotel, Goldie, Phil, Henry, Rover
rolling suitcase××Hotel, Twiggy
Box of tissues
box of tissues××Bree, Axel, Whitney
slipper rack××Goldie, Olivia, Velma
letter set××Nan, Hazel, Pelly, Henry, Chevre
gift pile××Daisy, Rosie, Bonbon, Bonnie
lucky clovers××Goldie, Lucky
strapped books××School, Goldie
book stands××School, Hazel, Velma
stack of books×Shop, Goldie, Harry
stacked magazines×Shop, Goldie, Jambette, Molly, Bree, Pate
small magazine rack×××default
decorative plate×Blanche, Kabuki
black phone××Office, Sydney, Lobo, Purrl
vintage camera×××Kidd, Chadder
vintage telescope×××Rod
zen phone stand××Purrl, Sydney, Greta
sea globe××Peggy, Leilani
Hamster cage
hamster cage××School, Apple, Poppy, Graham, Clay, Cobb, Hamlet
birdcage×××Poppy, Peck
Princess cage
princess cage×××Amelia, Cookie
cat tower×××Punchy
decoy duck×Molly, Lopez, Drake, Deena, Del
Bell bag××Pudge, Chevre
Piggy bank
piggy bank×Gala, Pelly
pile of cash××Gala, Pudge, Chevre, Rasher, Pierce
bronze fish trophy××School
silver fish trophy××School
gold fish trophy××School, Curt, Pierce
bronze bug trophy××School
silver bug trophy××School
gold bug trophy××School, Curt, Pierce
silver HHA trophy××Curt
gold HHA trophy××Curt, Pierce, Teddy,
silver HHA plaque××School Remodel, Curt
gold HHA plaque××School Remodel, Curt, Roald, Winnie, Lyle, Winnie
gold house model××Frank, Lyle
Vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner×××Bree, Colton
upright vacuum×××Lopez, Colton
Wooden box
wooden box××Rizzo, Rocket, Goose, Angus
Cardboard box
cardboard box×Nate, Rasher, Hippeux, Punchy, Rosie
Garbage pail
garbage pail×××Shep, Bree
Garbage can
garbage can×××Harry, Bree, Bonbon
basic trash can××Goldie, Bree
Trash can
trash can×××Goldie, Curt, Bree, Shep
garbage bin××Bree
Trash bin
trash bin×××School, Harry, Bree
Scattered papers
scattered papers××Harry, Hazel, Molly, Rasher, Rocco, Hippeux, Tabby
empty can××Shep, Harry, Bonbon
spoiled turnip××Harry, Bree, Charlise
boot××Harry, Bonbon
trash bags×Cafe, Shep, Harry, Bree, Bonbon

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