Harry Card
Neat and tidy? Forget it! Gimme a messy room any day.

Client's vision

A slop-tastic pad.

Provided items

sloppy sofa, sloppy sink, pizza

Amiibo Card


Harry is a cranky hippo with a black mustache.

Birthday: January 7th (Capricorn).

"Patience is a virtue for folks with time."

Exterior Edit

  • cardboard roof
  • cardboard exterior
  • cardboard door
  • durian tree

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • dirt-clod wall
  • sloppy wall
  • tatami

Furniture Edit

  • sloppy bed
  • sloppy table
  • sloppy chair
  • sloppy sofa
  • sloppy closet
  • sloppy dresser
  • sloppy stereo
  • sloppy TV
  • sloppy lamp
  • garbage can
  • scattered papers
  • empty can
  • spoiled turnip
  • boot
  • rafflesia
  • pizza
  • cardboard table
  • cardboard bed
  • cardboard chair
  • cardboard closet
  • cardboard sofa
  • Harry's pic
  • sloppy clock
  • sloppy rug

Music Edit

  • K.K. Lament

Clothing Edit

  • patched shirt
  • jungle-camo tee
  • patched dress
  • moldy dress
  • gray-stripe pants
  • patched pants
  • tulip hat
  • patched hat
  • leaf
  • patched shoes
  • forest umbrella

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