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Harriet is a pink poodle who works as a classy hair stylist.

Birthday: January 31st (Aquarius).

"Fine hair makes fine animals."


  • beauty-salon cart
  • Harriet's pic


  • Bubblegum K.K.


  • shower cap
  • ribbon umbrella

Meeting HarrietEdit

Thanks for calling Shampoodle! This is Harriet. How can I help you? A home appointment? Oh… I'm sorry, but we don't do in-home appointments. You'll have to come on down to the shop. What? Nook's Homes? You're not talking about hair? OH! A literal appointment about a home! Yeah, I'd be interested! Let me come down to your office, and we can talk in person. See you soon!

You must be [the player]. I'm Harriet. It's nice to meet face-to-face like this. I must say, you called me at the perfect time, sugar. I was JUST thinking about my home situation! In order to reimagine myself, I need an entirely new home. Could you help me build a new house, sugar?


  • "My goodness. I can't tell you how happy I've been since starting my new life out here in this town. Am I radiating a bit too much? I'm sorry if it's annoying, but I just can't help it!"
  • "Home improvement and self-improvement are very similar. You ever consider that? As a hairstylist, this sort of thing is always on my mind."
  • "A lot of folks ask me what they can do to shake things up in their lives, but the answer's so simple. A little hair-color change will do wonders for an otherwise dull life! You should try it sometime!"
  • "This room has turned into my own little oasis of relaxation. Sort of a spa away from the spa. Ah, I enjoy gabbin' with folks at the salon, but sometimes you just need to enjoy some silence, you know?"
  • "Isn't this room so comfy, sugar? Some days, I get so relaxed that I almost can't pick up a pair of snips! Thankfully, my passion for hair always wins out. It's good to have a passion for something."
  • "Hey, sugar? You ever feel like time is whizzing by faster and faster? To me it's like last year was three years ago and next year is already last year. Life just goes by in a flash!"
  • "Ah, fresh air. While I love styling hair, the smell of hair spray and styling gel can really get to me. Sometimes it's nice to detach a little and take a break, you know?"
  • "Sometimes I think about how yards are like hairstyles. They can really say a lot about someone! I think this yard says, "I sure trusted my landscaper!" What does your yard say about you, sugar?
  • "My, I could just sit here and stare at the yard for ages. It's nice to enjoy some quiet, you know?"

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