Groucho Card
I want an agricultural empire. Is that too much to ask?

Client's vision

A farming homestead.

Provided items

wheat field, wheat bundle, tractor

Amiibo Card


Groucho is a cranky navy-blue bear.

Birthday: October 23rd (Libra).

"Rocky road is more than just a flavor of ice cream."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • rice-paddy wall
  • field floor


  • garden tools
  • wheat bundle
  • wheat field
  • pointy-hat scarecrow
  • tractor
  • water pump
  • windmill
  • rice-plant bed
  • Groucho's pic


  • K.K. Western


  • royal shirt
  • subdued-print tee
  • sharp outfit
  • lite polka tee
  • royal shorts
  • royal crown
  • black rain boots
  • paper parasol

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