Graham Card
I really want my own office, so I guess I'll have to start a business or something.

Client's vision

A start-up company office.

Provided items

server, modern office chair, white office desk

Amiibo Card


Graham is a smug yellow hamster with blue glasses.

Birthday: June 20th (Gemini).

"Knowledge is power."


  • white office desk
  • modern office chair
  • laptop
  • rolling file cart
  • office cabinet
  • rolling cart
  • file cabinet (M)
  • file cabinet (L)
  • office phone
  • copy machine
  • computer desk
  • server
  • Graham's pic
  • breaker
  • office clock


  • K.K. Song


  • vegetarian tee
  • polo shirt
  • stylish suit
  • leaf umbrella

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