Gladys Card

Client's vision

A peaceful zen garden.

Provided items

deer scare, tall lantern

Amiibo Card


Gladys is a black and white ostrich with large eyes and a red crown.

Birthday: January 15th (Capricorn).


Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • garden wall
  • mossy carpet
  • tearoom rug
  • rock garden rug
  • tatami rug


  • holly bonsai
  • mugho bonsai
  • ponderosa bonsai
  • plum bonsai
  • quince bonsai
  • azalea bonsai
  • hawthorne bonsai
  • bamboo bench
  • zen bench
  • tall lantern
  • tall garden rock
  • garden rock
  • bamboo fence
  • zen garden
  • loom
  • zen bell
  • Gladys's pic


  • King K.K.


  • misty tee
  • blossoming dress
  • kimono sandals

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