Genji Card
I need a scary home for telling ghost stories!

Client's vision

A haunted house.

Provided items

cardboard chair, candle, creepy clock

Amiibo Card


Genji is a white rabbit with dark brown ears and light pink cheeks. He has narrow blue eyes and a jock personality.

Birthday: January 21st (Aquarius).

"Fall down seven times, get up eight."


  • black Cosmos
  • black Lilies

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • Ramshackle Wall
  • Creepy Wall
  • Shanty Wall
  • Ramshackle Floor
  • Creepy Rug
  • Old Rug


  • Candle
  • Black Cosmos
  • Skeleton Figurine
  • Tribal Mask
  • Bow
  • Creepy Skeleton
  • Ogre Mask
  • Female Mask
  • Elder Mask
  • Genji's Pic


  • K.K. Dirge


  • Misty Tee
  • Bone Shirt
  • Bone Pants
  • Skeleton Hood

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