Image Name Custom Mountable Unlocked by
coffee cup×Cafe, Annalise, Goldie, Marshal
coffee×Cafe, Marshal, Brewster
coffee beans×Shop, Marshal
coffee grinder×Cafe, Marshal, Claudia, Mott
coffeemaker×Cafe, Office, Marshal, Curly, Mott
Coffeemaker red
coffeemaker (red)Cafe, Tammi, Sydney, Curly
siphon×Restaurant, Pecan, Marshal, Curly
milk×Rodeo, Bluebear, Coach, Spork, Tipper, Joey
mugTia, Agent S, Kody, Vesta
milk cartonCheri, Agent S, Peewee, Naomi, Tipper, Bettina, Joey
cream and sugar×Cafe, Goldie, Marshal
fruit drinkCafe, Tangy, O'Hare, Jacques, Barold, Paula
coconut juice×Hotel, O'Hare, Bubbles, Clyde
Glass teapot
glass teapotCafe, Ed, Blanche, Pekoe, Tia, Alice
Cup of tea
cup of teaTia, Blanche, Pekoe, Alice
Tea set
tea set×Cafe, Goldie
fancy tea setHotel, Tia, Curlos, Blanche, Tiffany, Merengue, Cookie, Alice, Beardo
candy×Shop, Tamy, Bella
Box of chocolates
box of chocolates×Carmen, Bluebear, Barold
chocolate heart×Shop, Gayle, Carmen
candy jar×Merengue, Bluebear
Stuffed stocking
stuffed stocking×Daisy
shaved iceBill, Zucker, Tutu
popcornShop, Melba, Zucker
Donut box
donut box×Melba, Bettina, Peanut
chocolate fountainCarmen, Merengue
tartCafe, Chadder, Carmen, Merengue, Bettina
pumpkin pie×Ava, Deirdre, Jack, Vesta
afternoon-tea set×Restaurant, Tia, Blanche, Annalise, Berardo, Cookie, Alice
cupcakeCafe, Bluebear, Tia, Merengue, Miranda
chocolate cake×Restaurant, Alfonso, Carmen, Merengue, Bettina
birthday cake×Alfonso, Tia, Bonnie
Yule log×Merengue
wedding cake××Alfonso, Penelope
zen tea setHotel, Walt, Blanche, Robin
tteok plate×Drago
kagamimochi××Drago, Monty
Rice cake
rice cake×Drago
shopping bag×Cafe, Cousteau
bread boxGoldie, Chadder, Drake
pancakes×Alfonso, Merengue, Maple
light breakfast×Cafe, Keaton
hearty breakfast×Hotel, Annalise
bread basket×Drake, Ed, Hugh, Monique, Erik
cheese×Chadder, Canberra, Barold, Anicotti
pizzaHarry, Sheldon, Chadder, Anicotti
tacos×Cafe, Ed, Canberra, Zucker, Barold, T-Bone
potato gratin×Cafe, Freya
burger meal×Cafe, Frita, Peanut
lunch traySchool, Violet, Spork
kiddie mealCafe, Bones
set lunchCafe, Violet, Bam, Freya
Kaiseki meal
kaiseki meal×Hotel, Marina, Annalisa
Veggie basket
veggie basket×Patty, Lyman, Big Top, Bertha, Patty
Warming buffet
warming buffetHotel, Hugh
omelet×Cafe, Victoria, Freya, Biskit
pastaFreya, Ed
fish-and-chips×Frita, Ed
curry plateCanberra, Big Top, Deli
Steamed lobster
steamed lobster×Restaurant, Freya
roasted dino meat×Tucker, Patty
turkey×Freya, Goose, Ava, Daisy, Franklin, Peanut
paella×Restaurant, Ed, Freya
sausage×Canberra, Freya
Imperial pot
imperial potRestaurant, Croque, Cousteau
ramen cup×Rizzo, Curly, Bruce, Spork
ramenCafe, Croque
Udon soup
udon soup×Cafe, Nibbles
New Year's noodles×Cafe, Nibbles, Greta, Mitzi
donburiCafe, Violet, Booker, Curly
ceramic hot potRestaurant, Barold, Mitzi, Annalisa
Picnic basket
picnic basket×Mac, Bertha, Beau
lunch boxSchool, Digby, Nana,
lunch packSchool, Nana, Beau
rice balls×Cranston, Nibbles, Wendell, Nana, Hamlet, Beau
fish on boardRestaurant, Greta, Spork, Mitzi
Blowfish sashimi
blowfish sashimi×Restaurant, Annalisa
sushi platter×Marina, Barold, Annalisa
sushi tray×Restaurant
sushi container×Hotel, Octavian
kimbap plate×Canberra
kettle×Cranston, Sparro, Rizzo, Puck, Rooney
simple kettleCafe, Goldie
electric kettle×Cafe
waterpotCafe, Croque
stainless-steel pitcher×Restaurant, Deli
milk can××Tipper, Erik, Naomi, Bettina
milk tank××Rodeo, Tipper
Espresso maker
espresso maker×Kitty
pepper mill×Freya, Deli
vinegar×Freya, Deli, Ava
sugar×Cafe, Bluebear, Tia, Ava
flour×Bluebear, Ava, Bettina
butter×Bluebear, Deli, Ava, Bettina
revolving spice rack×Cafe, Freya, Deli, Ava, Bettina
pickle jarCafe, Lyman
cans×Cafe, Shop, Harry, Deli, Barold, Rizzo
Bread-making set
bread-making set×Cafe, Bluebear, Drake, Bettina
Cutting-board set
cutting-board set×Restaurant, Violet, Freya, Deli, Ava, Anicotti
teppanyaki grillCafe, Violet, Zucker
toasterCafe, Goldie, Kitt, Drake, Keaton
hot plateGoldie
stewpotRestaurant, Violet, Erik, Deli, Spork, Eunice
Shaved-ice maker
shaved-ice maker×Tutu, Zucker, Bill
popcorn machine××Shop, Melba, Zucker
12 grape plate×Cheri
turnip×Charlise, Lyman, Joan
perfect apple×Tangy, Clyde
perfect pear×Tangy, Clyde
cherry×Tangy, Cheri
perfect cherry×Tangy, Margie, Clyde
perfect peach×Tangy, Clyde
perfect orange×Tangy, Clyde
persimmon×Tangy, Clyde
banana×Simon, Tammi, Monty, Clyde
coconut×Tangy, Clyde
lemon×Tangy, Clyde
lychee×Tangy, Clyde
mango×Tangy, Clyde
durian×Tangy, Clyde, Barold
bamboo shoot×Lyman, Dora, Chester, Limberg
watermelon××Mac, Lyman, Bill
apples×Cafe, Tangy, Apple
perfect apples×Tangy, Apple
pears×Cafe, Tangy
perfect pears×Tangy, Clyde
perfect cherries×Tangy, Cheri, Margie
peaches×Cafe, Tangy
perfect peaches×Tangy, Cousteau
oranges×Cafe, Tangy, Purrl
perfect oranges×Tangy
bananas×Rocket, Cesar, Violet, Simon, Hans, Al, Peewee, Boone
lemons×Tangy, Victoria
durians×Tangy, Barold
bamboo shoots×Lyman, Dora, Chester, Limberg
fruit basket×Hotel, Tangy, Goldie, Cheri, Bertha, Clyde, Bettina
flat mushroom×Alli, Dora
round mushroom×Alli, Dora
skinny mushroom×Alli, Dora
rare mushroom×Alli, Dora, Barold
elegant mushroom×Alli, Dora
famous mushroom×Alli, Dora

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