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Image Name Unlocked by
Common floor default
Neutral floor default
Cabin rug hospital
Modern wood flooring default
Yellow flooring default
Natural wood floor Astrid, Frobert, Gloria, Hazel, Quillson
White wood floor Chrissy, Cookie, Flurry
Pink wood floor Carrie
Birch flooring default
Wooden-deck floor Ava, Deli, Rory
Terrace rug restaurant, Margie, Pekoe
Herringbone floor Curlos, Frita
Music-room floor school
Classroom floor school
Block flooring school
Plank flooring default
Old board floor default
Oil-stained floor shop #1, Gloria
Monocrome floor Tammy
Parquet floor Anchovy
Ship deck Rod, Vic
Parquet floor (carpeted)
Ranch flooring default
Cabana flooring Cole, Opal, Pekoe, Soleil
Chessboard rug Fuchsia, Queenie
Modern tile Roscoe
Checkered tile Lopez
Stone tile Lopez
Charcoal tile café
Diner tile Lobo
Ceramic tile Jay, Patty
Kitchen tile Mint, Pinky
White tile floor restaurant, Drake
Bath tile Flip, Joey, Klaus
Kitchen flooring Ava, Tangy, Violet
Kitschy tile Paula
Terra-cotta floor Kitty, Lucky, Miranda
Mosaic tile Goldie
Palace tile Chops, Elvis, Klaus
Imperial tile restaurant
Blue tile floor shop #1, Jeremiah
Orange-panel floor shop #1
Green-argyle floor shop #1, Eloise
Red tile Goldie
Arched brick floor Shari
Plaza tile Lopez
Ramshackle floor Chow, Clay, Genji, Nate, Rasher, Rocco, Tabby
Lab floor Cobb, Tom
Cracked concrete Rizzo, Roscoe
Concrete floor office
Slate flooring Greta, Nan
Stone-tile floor school
Exhibit-room floor Lopez
Basement floor school
Office flooring office
Pavement floor Greta, Monty, Zucker
Flagstone floor restaurant, Peanut
Ancient tile Pango
Rococo floor concert hall, Colton, Diana, Muffy, Penelope
Fancy tile floor department store, Cherry
Astro floor Mira, Truffles, Victoria
Blue flooring Jeremiah
Regal carpet Celia, Pecan
Marine pop floor Marina, Naomi
Lobby floor hotel, Anabelle, Lionel, Rhonda
Panel carpet floor Lopez
Dotted rug Chrissy, Victoria
Circle-pattern floor department store, Annalise, Portia
Snowman carpet Bianca, Sprinkle
Red-carpet floor concert hall, Claudia, Daisy, Olaf
White-carpet floor Lopez
Bamboo flooring Pekoe
Tatami restaurant, Harry, Snake
Tatami floor school
School-hall floor school
Boxing-ring mat Lucha
Steel flooring Lopez
Robo-floor Ribbot
Sci-fi floor Biff, Kevin, Kid Cat, Sterling
Sidewalk Renée, Shep
Closed road Cesar
Mossy carpet
Dirt floor Cally, Cranston, Rizzo, Tucker
Field floor Dora, Groucho
Wildflower floor Dizzy, Stitches
Daisy meadow Bones, Sally, Scoot, Tipper
Backyard lawn school expansion, Bob, Butch, Winnie
Sandlot Beau, Katt, Renée
Sporty floor school expansion, Leonardo
Sandy-beach floor O'Hare, Rory
Saharah's desert Bill, O'Hare
Western desert Savannah
Ski-slope floor Hans, Iggly
Autumn floor Dierdre
Jungle floor Camofrog, Charlise, Simon
Dig-site floor Avery, Coco, Vladimir
Golden carpet Chops
Balloon floor Al, Filbert
Cheese floor Chadder
Sweets floor Carmen, Merengue
Maze floor Roscoe
Stripe carpet Kyle, Midge, Tex
Illusion floor Lopez
Block floor Louie, Static
Ice floor Sprinkle, Tutu
Cloud flooring Alfonso
Water floor Pascal, Del, Marina
Underwater floor Marina
Mermaid carpet Marina, Peggy
Lunar surface Phil, Ruby, Sterling
Galaxy floor Julian, Timbra
Lava floor Felyne, Phoebe, T-Bone

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