Client's vision

A 24-hour shop.

Provided items

buffet server, steamed-bun case, 24-hour-shop counter,

Amiibo Card

No information

Filly is a normal yellow horse with a pink mane and tail. She is the newest member of the superhero squad, which consists of the red hero, Kid Cat, the blue hero, Agent S, the green hero, Big Top, the pink hero, Rocket, and finally, Filly.

Birthday: July 11th.

"One horse against the world."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • kitchen tile


  • hot snack case
  • buffet server
  • steamed bun case
  • shop coffee machine
  • barbecue bed
  • sushi bench
  • shop ice-cream case
  • 24 hour shop counter
  • Filly's pic
  • 24 hour shop sign (Japan only)
  • 24 hour shop model (Japan only)
  • soft drink display (Japan only)
  • sandwich display (Japan only)
  • 24 hour shop ABM (Japan only)
  • 24 hour shop banner (Japan only)
  • shopping baskets (Japan only)
  • 24 hour shop light (Japan only)


  • K.K. Samba


  • 24 hour shop uniform (Japan only)
  • sunset tee

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