Filbert Card
Pop! Pop! Pop! I'd be so happy if I was completely surrounded by balloons!

Client's vision

A bounty of balloons.

Provided items

balloon lamp, balloon bed, balloon TV

Amiibo Card


Filbert is a lazy blue squirrel.

Birthday: June 3rd (Gemini).

"Don't go nuts or anything."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • balloon wall
  • balloon floor


  • bunny r. balloon
  • bunny o. balloon
  • bunny y. balloon
  • bunny g. balloon
  • bunny c. balloon
  • bunny p. balloon
  • bunny i. balloon
  • red balloon
  • orange balloon
  • yellow balloon
  • green balloon
  • cyan balloon
  • pink balloon
  • indigo balloon
  • heart r. balloon
  • heart o. balloon
  • heart y. balloon
  • heart g. balloon
  • heart c. balloon
  • heart p. balloon
  • heart i. balloon
  • balloon bed
  • balloon TV
  • balloon sofa
  • balloon table
  • Filbert's pic
  • balloon clock


  • K.K. Stroll


  • checkered tee
  • gumdrop dress
  • balloon hat
  • daisy umbrella

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