Client's vision

A place for Felyne.

Provided items

hunter's cart (outside), hunter, item box (inside)

Amiibo Card

No information

Hello! What a purrfect day to meet a new friend. I'm a Felyne! I've heard tales of a home designer with powerpurr skills, so I have traveled here from distant lands… to see for myself, nya! I want to experience the same kind of lifestyle as the hunters I admire. Could you, purrhaps, design a new house for me where I can live the life of a hunter, nya?

I knew you'd say yes! I knew it! Make sure you do a really good job, OK? Nya!

A Felyne is a creature from the Monster Hunter series. This particular one looks like a Siamese cat, has a lazy personality, and is here to promote Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

In North America, he was distributed through Nintendo Zones from November 2nd to the 30th, 2015, and via SpotPass from November 9th through December 8th, 2015.

Birthday: January 6th.

"♪ Calmly gathering. Ah, the life of a hunter ♪"

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • magma cavern wall
  • lava floor


  • item box
  • barbeque spit
  • Wyvern eggs
  • hunter's hive
  • Red Wing
  • Palico board
  • hunter's cart
  • Felyne Guardian
  • Poogie
  • hunter
  • Felyne's pic


  • K.K. March


  • Felyne's clothes
  • Felyne's suit
  • ghost umbrella

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