The items in this category is mostly furniture you would receive during holidays and special events, or were otherwise rare, in a regular Animal Crossing game. Miscellaneous items that don't really fit in other categories seem to go here too.

These items are found in your catalog by clicking the leaf shaped tab (3rd tab over while indoors) and then the leaf shaped sub-tab.

Image Name Custom Mountable Holds items Unlocked by
Snowman bed
snowman bed×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman chair
snowman chair×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman wardrobe
snowman wardrobe×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman dresser
snowman dresser×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman sofa
snowman sofa×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman table
snowman table××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman fridge
snowman fridge×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman tv
snowman TV×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman lamp
snowman lamp×××Bianca, Flurry
Snowman vanity
snowman vanity×××Bianca, Flurry
snowman matryoshka×××Bianca
ice bed×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice table××Sprinkle, Puck
ice closet×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice sofa×××Sprinkle, Puck, Tutu
ice chair×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice side table×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice vanity×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice dresser××Sprinkle, Puck
ice lamp×××Sprinkle, Puck
ice shelf×××Sprinkle, Puck
holiday candle××Curlos, Daisy
Festive tree
festive tree×××Goldie, Daisy
Big festive tree
big festive tree×××Curlos, Jingle, Daisy
Jingle bed
Jingle bed×××Curlos, Daisy
Jingle chair
Jingle chair×××Curlos, Daisy
Jingle dresser
Jingle dresser×××Curlos, Daisy
Jingle sofa
Jingle sofa×××Curlos, Daisy
Jingle table
Jingle table××Curlos
Jingle lamp
Jingle lamp×××Curlos
Jingle wardrobe
Jingle wardrobe×××Curlos, Daisy
Jingle shelves
Jingle shelves×××Curlos
Jingle tv
Jingle TV×××Curlos
Jingle piano
Jingle piano×××Curlos, Daisy
Spooky bed
spooky bed×××Tammy
Spooky chair
spooky chair×××Tammy
Spooky table
spooky table××Tammy
Spooky bookcase
spooky bookcase×××Tammy
Spooky clock
spooky clock×××Tammy
Spooky lamp
spooky lamp×××Tammy
Spooky wardrobe
spooky wardrobe×××Tammy
Spooky sofa
spooky sofa×××Tammy
Spooky dresser
spooky dresser×××Tammy
Spooky vanity
spooky vanity×××Tammy
Egg bed
egg bed×××Biskit
Egg dresser
egg dresser×××Biskit
Egg table
egg table××Biskit
Egg clock
egg clock×××Goose
Egg lamp
egg lamp×××Biskit
Egg bench
egg bench×××Biskit
Egg chair
egg chair×××Biskit
Egg wardrobe
egg wardrobe×××Biskit
Egg stereo
egg stereo×××Biskit
Egg toy set
egg toy set×××Biskit
egg basket××Biskit, Bertha, Ava, Zipper T. Bunny, Lucky
Sweets bed
sweets bed×××Alfonso, Merengue
Sweets chair
sweets chair×××Merengue
Sweets closet
sweets closet×××Merengue
Sweets sofa
sweets sofa×××Alfonso, Merengue
Sweets table
sweets table××Merengue, Bluebear
Sweets minitable
sweets minitable××Merengue
Sweets player
sweets player×××Puddles, Merengue
soft-serve lamp××shop, Mint
Sweets minilamp
sweets minilamp××Merengue
shaved ice lamp××Tutu
Sweets bookcase
sweets bookcase××Merengue
Sweets dresser
sweets dresser×××Merengue
Mush bed
mush bed×××Deirdre, Alli
Mush stool
mush stool×××Monty, Deirdre, Simon, Alli
Mush table
mush table××Deirdre, Alli
Mush end table
mush end table××Deirdre, Alli
Mush tv
mush TV×××Deirdre, Alli
Mush dresser
mush dresser××Deirdre, Alli
Mush closet
mush closet×××Deirdre, Alli
Mush hanger
mush hanger×××Deirdre, Alli
Mush chair
mush chair×××Deirdre, Alli
Mush lamp
mush lamp×××Deirdre
Lily-pad table
lily-pad table××Goldie
Watermelon chair
watermelon chair××Clyde, Tangy
Watermelon table
watermelon table×Rory, Tangy
Kiwi stool
kiwi stool××Clyde, Tangy
Pear wardrobe
pear wardrobe×××Tangy, Eloise
Pear dresser
pear dresser×××Tangy, Eloise
Juicy-apple clock
juicy-apple clock×Apple, Tangy
Lemon table
lemon table××Tangy
Grapefruit table
grapefruit table××Tangy
Juicy-apple tv
juicy-apple TV××Apple, Tangy
Tangerine chair
tangerine chair××Tangy
Flower chair
flower chair××Goldie
Flower table
flower table×Goldie, Bob, Sally
sprout table××Sally, Camofrog
tree-stump chair×××Deirdre, Erik, Sally
azalea stool×××Sally, Erik
ツツジのスツール××Flora, Shari, Sally
pansy table×Victoria, Sally
cosmos fan××Tutu, Sally
tulip dresser××Victoria, Sally
rose sofa××Sally
lotus lamp×Flora, Opal, Goldie, Diana, Sally
lily lamp×××Sally, Amelia, Shari
palm-tree lamp×××O'Hare
leaf bed×××Camofrog, Sally
hydrangea bed××Pancetti
Pineapple bed
pineapple bed×××Goldie, Clyde
rice-plant bed×××Rodeo, Mathilda, Groucho, Erik, Tipper
violet screen××Lionel, Opal, Muffy
lily record player××Shari, Tia
sunflower stereo×××Victoria
firefly lamp×××Broccolo, Nat
caterpillar sofa×××Broccolo, Nat
stag-beetle chair×××Broccolo
cicada stereo×××Broccolo
mini butterfly table××Broccolo
beetle chair×××Broccolo
ladybug chair×××Broccolo
honeybee chest×××Broccolo
snail clock××Broccolo, Goose
sea-anemone bed×××Marina, Octavian, Feckles
red-snapper chair×××Marina, Feckles
octopus chair×××Marina, Octavian
dab table××Marina, Feckles
flounder table××Marina
squid chair×××Marina, Octavian, Feckles
football-fish lamp××Marina
crab clock××Marina
puffer-fish TV×××Marina, Feckles
Froggy chair
froggy chair××Goldie
balloon-dog lamp×Shep, Melba, Pietro
balloon bed×××Filbert, Pietro, Al
balloon chair×××Filbert, Dizzy
balloon dresser×××Pietro
balloon TV×××Filbert, Pietro
balloon sofa×××Filbert, Pietro
balloon table××Filbert, Pietro
balloon vanity×××Pietro, Prince
balloon closet×××Pietro
balloon lamp×××Department Store, Pietro, Dizzy, Filbert
card chair××Moe, Pietro
card closet××Pietro
card dresser××Pietro
card bed××Moe
card shelf××Moe, Pietro
card screen××Moe, Pietro
card sofa××Moe, Pietro
card tower××Moe, Pietro
card table×Moe, Pietro
card lamp××Moe, Pietro
patchwork chair××Goldie
patchwork table×Goldie
patchwork sofa××Goldie
patchwork dresser××Goldie
patchwork lamp××Goldie
birthday sign×××Bonnie
birthday candles××Bonnie
Golden bed
golden bed×××Chops
Golden chair
golden chair×××Chops, Ankha
Golden bench
golden bench×××Chops, Pudge
Golden woman
golden woman×××Chops, Elvis, Pango
Golden man
golden man×××Chops, Elvis
Golden table
golden table××Chops, Pudge
Golden clock
golden clock×××Chops, Elvis, Goose
Golden closet
golden closet×××Chops, Pudge
Golden dresser
golden dresser×××Chops
Golden screen
golden screen×××Chops, Ankha
Treasure chest
treasure chest××Samson, Elvis
throne××Chops, Apollo, Elvis, Grizzly
Aries rocking chair×××Timbra, Papi, Julian
Taurus bathtub×××Zell, Julian, Diana, Pancetti
Gemini closet×××Timbra, Julian
Cancer table××Julian, Diana
Virgo harp×××Music Hall, Julian, Timbra, Zell
Libra scale××Julian, Diana
Scorpio lamp×××Timbra, Julian, Muffy
Capricorn ornament×××Julian, Blaire, Zell
Aquarius urn×××Julian, Marina, Diana
Pisces lamp×××Timbra, Julian
fireworks table××Shari, Bill
full-moon vanity×××Second Shop, Mira, Kidd, Ruby
rainbow screen×××Amelia, Al, Tipper
aurora screen×××Annalise, Agnes
hologram machine××Sterling, Kid Cat, Boomer
spherical radar×××Sterling, Kid Cat, Boomer, Peaches
small space console×××Sterling, Kid Cat, Boomer
large space console×××Kevin, Sterling, Kid Cat, Boomer
space console×××Sterling, Kid Cat, Boomer
crew member's seat×××Sterling, Boomer
space captain's seat×××Kevin, Kid Cat, Boomer
captain's monitor×××Kevin, Kid Cat, Boomer
crew's monitor×××Kevin, Kid Cat, Boomer
cardboard table××Harry, Nate
cardboard bed×××Harry, Nate
cardboard chair×××Genji, Harry, Nate
cardboard closet×××Harry, Nate
cardboard sofa×××Harry, Nate
zero lamp×Egbert
one lamp×Kid Cat, Cyrano
two lamp×Agent S, Egbert
three lamp×Big Top, Cyrano, Amelia
four lamp×Rocket, Egbert
five lamp×Cyrano
six lamp×Egbert
seven lamp×Cyrano
eight lamp×Egbert
nine lamp×Cyrano
pawn××Tank, Queenie, Rudy
knight××Tank, Queenie, Rudy
rook××Tank, Queenie, Rudy
bishop××Tank, Queenie, Rudy
queen××Tank, Queenie, Rudy
king××Tank, Queenie, Rudy, Elvis
bilboquet××Lobo, Sheldon
reversi piece××Tank, Roscoe, Queenie, Dotty
shogi piece×Tank, Sheldon, Queenie
helm×××Vic, Rod
anchor×××Vic, Rod
Ship compass
ship compass×××Vic, Rod
Ship cannon
ship cannon×××Rod, Kevin, Knox
barrel×××Rod, Vic
Creepy skeleton
creepy skeleton×××Tabby, Clay
Creepy bat stone
creepy bat stone×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy stone
creepy stone×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy cauldron
creepy cauldron×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy coffin
creepy coffin×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy clock
creepy clock×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy crystal
creepy crystal×××Tammy, Clay
Creepy statue
creepy statue××Tammy, Clay, Katrina
fedora chair×××Anchovy, Agnes, Naomi
chair sculpture×××Frank, Agnes, Naomi
cube sculpture×××Agnes, Naomi
Super mushroom
Super Mushroom××Static
1-up mushroom
1-Up Mushroom××Static
Fire flower
Fire Flower××Static
Super star
Super Star××Static, Alfonso, Timbra
Yoshis egg
Yoshi's Egg×××Static
Question block
? Block××Static
Green shell
Green Shell××Static
Fire bar
Fire Bar×××Static, Phoebe
Bill blaster
Bill Blaster×××Static
Goal pole
Goal Pole×××Static
Triple red shells
Triple Red Shells×××Static
Triple bananas
Triple Bananas×××Simon
Blue falcon
Blue Falcon×××Rowan
Arwing×××Rowan, Phil
Pikmin×××Dora, Aurora
Ss dolphin
S.S. Dolphin××Rowan
Master sword
Master Sword×××Rowan, Knox, Samson
Triforce××Rowan, Samson
Resetti model
Resetti model×××Frank, Tank, Tucker, Resetti, Lucy
Villager statue scanning Villager amiibo
item box××Felyne
barbecue spit×××Felyne
Wyvern eggs×××Felyne
hunter's hive××Felyne
Red Wing×××Felyne
Palico board
Palico board×××Felyne
Hunters cart
hunter's cart×××Felyne
Felyne Guardian×××Felyne
massive cake October 2015 HHN Challenge
candy house October 2015 HHN Challenge
giant stewpot××December 2015 HHN Challenge
large egg××December 2015 HHN Challenge
luxury car××February 2016 HHN Challenge
UFO×××January 2016 HHN Challenge
robot hero××November 2015 HHN Challenge
inflatable Resetti××November 2015 HHN Challenge
mountain of bills×××February 2016 HHN Challenge
giant ant×××January 2016 HHN Challenge

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